Microsoft’s New Look Bing Now Open to US Public

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Microsoft's New Look Bing Now Open to US Public

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) search engine had all the hype and aplomb over the last few months as it seeks to instigate a paradigm change in search engines. The company has been in partnership with Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) since 2010 when the first like button was introduced to the search engine platform, to bring in a social touch.

However, the most recent developments as released two weeks ago by Microsoft are not just about the social touch. The platform is completely changed and more interactive with the ability to all what your friends have been up to as far as their errands on being are concerned. People can now alienate  their stifling desperation after waiting anxiously over the last two weeks, and finally the rollout took place today for the U.S public.

This comes only a day after tech giant Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), rolled out its own gigantic developments after replacing Google Places with Google+ Local, which has similar characteristics to the Search Plus Social. What is with the Plus thing any way, first Google and now Bing? Well, Google did it solely through its plus (+) button and Google Places, but Microsoft did it by extending ties with the absurd IPO culprit Facebook.

Ideally the new look Bing has three sections, alias columns

  • Standard: The first and perhaps the oldest is the standard column, which maintains the standard search results capability. The type of results you get from this column is nothing different from using Google search, which is like David’s battle with Goliath.

  • Snapshot: This is the newly introduced column, and fuses results from OpenTable, FanStap and Yelp. It is like a personal assistant with all your errands on the search engine. It is all up to you to determine which has enormous qualities between this new feature and what you can get from Google.

  • Social: This is the pioneer of the next generation of social search engines that will greet the world with an oomph. Matt Brian on his post at TheNextWeb notes that, “here, Bing is going to bring in results from Quora, Facebook, and Twitter and Foursquare and others”, indicating that it is definitely a big hit in the integration of social media and search engines.

We can only wait and see what this means for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), now that SMO (Social Media Optimization) could be coming in the ploy. It has to be great.

The new look Bing is only available in the U.S, the rest of the world must avoid despair and wait for its début.

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