Microsoft’s Foldable Tablet Could Be In Development

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This is not the first time that Microsoft‘s foldable tablet has been mentioned. If you remember, there were a lot of rumors going on about Microsoft’s foldable tablet called Courier. Unfortunately, the tablet has never scratched the surface, although it might return again in the next year.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 smartphones are pretty much in the past. However, this is not the end of the company’s mobile endeavors. According to Windows Central, the software company is working on a foldable tablet that utilizes a pen and digital-ink, and is supposedly code-named “Andromeda.” Here’s everything that we know about Microsoft’s foldable tablet.

Microsoft’s foldable tablet should come with Windows 10 out of the box

Various sources told Windows Central that the Andromeda device represents a prototype and is Microsoft’s foldable tablet with Windows 10 on ARM. It is built with Windows Core OS and CShell. It’s still not confirmed whether it uses a dual-screen system, separated with a hinge, or if the screen is 100% foldable. Still, considering that Microsoft already worked on a tablet with a foldable screen back in 2009 and 2010, we are almost certain that the Andromeda project will sport a foldable screen.

What makes Microsoft’s foldable tablet even more intriguing is that reportedly, it is designed to fit in a pocket once folded and that it also utilizes cellular capabilities, which means that it can completely replace your smartphone and that you will be able to make calls and type texts with it. Still, Windows Central reports that the foldable tablet shouldn’t replace smartphones entirely, but is rather a descendant of the stillborn Microsoft Courier.

It is expected that the notebook app for Microsoft’s foldable tablet will be developed to mimic the same experience as writing in a real notebook, and offer virtual pages. All in all, the company puts an accent on pen and digital-inking when it comes to the foldable tablet. Given that the tablet will run Windows 10, you can expect the regular start screen and menu, and also apps such as Edge and Photos.

The newest Snapdragon processor

It is rumored that the Andromeda will boast an ARM, which means that it will be equipped with the Snapdragon chipset of the latest generation, which, of course, will be present at the time of its public launch. The source didn’t confirm to Windows Central whether the device will be able to run Win32 programs or not. However, it will likely run true-UWP apps.

Something new in the tech industry

If Microsoft’s foldable tablet sees the light of the day, it’s worth mentioning that it won’t compete with the iPhone and Android devices, as Microsoft already stated in the past that it’s “too late for that.” Instead, Microsoft wants to create a completely new niche and adjust its foldable tablet to a new market. That being said, imagine Microsoft’s foldable tablet as a digital journal that you will be able to write in.

We honestly hope that Microsoft’s foldable tablet will come to life and be used in the future. With CShell and Windows Core OS, Microsoft has made a firm foundation for more foldable devices to come. As you may recall, Windows promised that if it ever comes back to the mobile industry, the company will feature an entirely new device.

Microsoft’s foldable tablet certainly looks new to us, how about you? Leave a comment and let us know!


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