Microsoft Corporation’s WiFi Plans For ‘Hassle-free Internet’ Leaked

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It looks like Microsoft is working on a new service dubbed Microsoft WiFi, the details of which were accidentally leaked on The website noted that the new service will offer hassle-free Internet access around the world so that the users can be “productive on the go.” Twitter user h0x0d, the same user that discovered Microsoft Earn, first came across Microsoft WiFi.

Microsoft WiFi not available to all

Following the leak, Microsoft spokesperson told VentureBeat that the company is working on a new service known as Microsoft WiFi that will offer hassle-free WiFi to millions of users. “We look forward to sharing additional detail when available, but don’t have anything at this moment,” the spokesperson said.

On the website, an image was displayed that hinted at the on-the-go service. The website told users not to waste time filling forms with personal details or running to different carriers to get connected. “Sign in once and you are done: you will automatically be connected to a vast range of WiFi providers around the world.” Interactive maps will enable the users to locate nearby WiFi spots. However, the app is only available for eligible parties, and is provided in separate versions to businesses and individuals.

Microsoft listed the eligibility criteria for having access to Microsoft WiFi, saying that to get the service a user should be a Skype WiFi subscriber, an employee with Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprise and/or a customer who gets a special WiFi offer from Microsoft. For those who don’t know what Skype WiFi is, it is a service that allows users to get online at over two million WiFi hotspots, paying for the minutes used with Skype credits.

Available on all platforms

Like most of the recent cloud services launched by Microsoft, its WiFi offering will also be cross-platform. Before the details were taken down, VentureBeat managed to see Microsoft WiFi app download links for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The software giant is apparently offering Microsoft WiFi as a standalone app.

Microsoft WiFi sounds similar to Skype Wi-Fi service, but there are tantalizing hints that it is more than just re-branding as the firm is looking to reach out to much bigger audience: 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots in 130 countries.

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