Waiting For The Surface Pro 5 From Microsoft, Be Prepared To Wait

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The Surface line of tablets were a surprising success for Microsoft and while looking to build on that it looks as if the supply chain doesn’t intend to help the Redmond giants. Rumor has it that the highly anticipated new generation Surface Pro 5 tablet remains a ways off for the company.

Microsoft rumors and the Surface Pro 5?

For someone who essentially pays their rent with nonsensical speculation about what Apple has in the pipeline, it’s a bit strange for me to speculate about Microsoft. The company is generally pretty clear on what it has planned but that hasn’t been the case when it comes to the Surface Pro 5, with no specs, pricing or a release date.

Hell, even the assumed processor that will power the tablet is unknown, though most believe that the company will remain with Intel as it powers the Surface Pro 4 with its Skylake chipset. Intel has moved to the Kaby Lake processors and it’s (comfortably) taken for granted that Microsoft will follow suit.

Surface Pro 5 release date?

It was largely rumored that the Surface Pro 5 tablet would be unveiled in June at the 2016 Computex event. However, while Intel is nearly certain to unveil the Kaby Lake chipset, it’s not a given that Microsoft will be showing off its use of the new offering from Intel.

Given the surprising success of the tablet line and Microsoft genuinely piquing consumer interest, it’s hard to imagine the company not using what’s available and incorporating technology that will likely turn a few heads come June.

Rumors often get ahead of themselves. Microsoft’s release of the Surface Pro 4 came last year in October and it’s a near certainty that the company will look to see the “5” ahead of the holiday shopping season. If not, it better rush for November or prepare itself for a Q4 when it comes to its hardware. If Apple has shown anything it’s that hardware makes money when done well.

Microsoft has never been as consistent as Apple with release dates but the company has no business stalling the momentum it has built with its Surface line that has surprised even the Apple fanboy.

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