Microsoft Shutters Clip Art For Bing Images

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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is making a big change all in favor of Bing Images. The tech giant recently shuttered clip art images for more up-to-date high-quality images.

The process of searching and using the Bing images will be similar to clip art. Microsoft Office 2013 users can simply click insert and select online pictures. In older versions of the program, users can click insert and select clip art. In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced, “The Clip Art and image library has closed shop. Usage of Office’s image library has been declining year-to-year as customers rely more on search engines.”

Microsoft wants to promote creative commons photos

Although the blog post neglected to mention it was the end of the clip art era, and put more of the focus instead on the refresh powered by Bing. Due to strict licensing laws, users searching for photographs would be directed to photos released under creative commons which would enable them to use the photos for free.

Microsoft to launch phablet

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) may have a phablet in the works. The company is still continuing on a strategy for creating mid-price phone for both United States and overseas market. A recent survey involving 5,005 Windows Phone apps running on AdDuplex last month show the Lumia 735 ‘selfie’ model started appearing on Sprint’s network. This was initially predicted by FCC’s own compatibilty report several months ago. The data findings also demonstrate the presence of unannounced smartphone which may be a replacement for the Lumia 1320.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has yet to comment on AdDuplex’s report. One thing is relatively clear about Microsoft’s plans and that is to ditch the premium smartphone market in favor of more affordable devices.

One of the potential drawbacks involving the purported Lumia phone is the lackluster screen of 720p screen. The upside to this device is that it will have a good battery life.

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