Microsoft Plans To Unveil Xbox SmartGlass

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Microsoft Plans To Unveil Xbox SmartGlass

This week Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) plans to introduce Xbox SmartGlass, a new entertainment based app that will be available exclusively on Windows 8, Windows 8 devices, Google devices, and Apple devices.

The unique app was designed to stream and synchronize Xbox online services. You can use the device to watch movies or tv shows, learn more about what’s playing, and use it as a remote control. If someone is watching a show or movie on their iPad/tablet/smartphone, they can switch it over to the television and receive extra information about the show on their mobile device. It also works for music and games.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) shared the important details regarding the new app. Key highlights include the following:

  • Smartphones and tablets can be used as remote controls for the Xbox 360. You can use your mobile device “to pause, rewind, or advance entertainment.”
  • You can start a movie on your mobile device and transfer it to the larger screen.
  • You can use an extra screen to view sport stats, play biographies, or news on the tablet screen while watching a game.  This feature should roll out in the next few months with ESPN, UFC, and NBA Game Time.
  • You can enhance your music listening experience on Xbox Music by looking up artist/band information, similar songs, and other music-related details.
  • You can further enhance your gaming experience by using your tablet or smartphone as a second screen.

It’s too early to tell if Xbox SmartGlass will be well received by the public, but I predict it could lead the way to changing the technology of mobile devices.  This app will further merge mobile media with living room technology and should also reduce the need for traditional computers.  People already use their tablets and smartphone devices at home, sometimes even when they’re watching TV. This app will make it easier for people to fully enhance their Xbox user experience.

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