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As Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) closes the curtains on its Hotmail email service, the new mail overhaul called Microsoft spells a lot of hope for Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT).

With regards to an official tweet by the company, has signed a million people in less than a day after its launch. This latest webmail improvement adds to the bulging lists of efforts geared towards the general overhaul of Microsoft’s web properties. The company intends to transform the current web properties into an unprecedented touch-centric Metro feel- a new look that is traceable to the Windows Phone, and expected to feature in the Windows 8 start screen.

This improvement has been designed in a manner so as to take into account the needs of conservative consumers. Users can shift to outlook at their liking, and users who have a particular liking for the older hotmail service can choose to stick to it.

While the general outlook tends to bring out an idea of Gmail’s dominance over hotmail, it is not entirely true. Despite the fact that Gmail has a more profound presence in the contemporary internet space, it did not shadow Hotmail’s user base until only recently.

Hotmail’s dip in performance in the new millennium primarily stems from the fact that it has not been able to provide a fresh set of ideas. It probably got too attached to its unprecedented entry into the market and pioneering role as a free webmail services until it forgot to keep up with trends. Its last reported user base of 360 million has stagnated for quite some time. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is aware that it needs to do something, as Gmail, a prime competitor, now has a user base of 425 million.


The sign up process avails two options. If you are an existing hotmail or Microsoft account holder, you will use the same login credentials to sign in on This will automatically switch you over to the new look. The start page also avails an easy to follow step by step sign up process for new users.

While the inbox maintains the four column design that is synonymous with Hotmail, it has some slight disparities. One notable change in particular is the far right column that, unlike hotmail, allows you to add a touch of personality.

Chatting will also be available and will basically have the same design as typical chats from Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) and Gmail- straight from your inbox.

With the introduction of widgets, has also added a dynamic touch to message viewing. While reading messages from contacts, you can get a sneak peek into their social information by passing your mouse over their names.

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