Microsoft May Have Their Own iPad Touch Cover On The Way

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Microsoft may have leaked their own upcoming product: an iPad touch cover. While searching through documents about lithium batteries on the Microsoft website, some clever users noticed that one page in the document mentions an unreleased product called, “iPad Touch Cover.” The document also refers to a model number of 1719. You can see a screenshot for yourself below:

Of course, Microsoft currently doesn’t have an iPad Touch Cover on the market nor does it have any product which uses the model number 1719. It would suggest then that this is an unreleased, unannounced product from Microsoft that somehow snuck into documentation before it was even revealed to the world. If an iPad Touch Cover is coming from Microsoft, that would be fantastic news for owners of the base iPad models as Apple doesn’t offer their own keyboard solution below the iPad Pro.

This iPad Touch Cover would likely be very similar to the Surface Touch Cover which is only 3mm thick and uses pressure-sensitive technology to provide a full multitouch keyboard. It’s really a very good keyboard considering its small footprint and it would be a fantastic accessory for any iPad owner to have. With a battery inside, it would stand to reason that the iPad Touch Cover from Microsoft would likely connect via Bluetooth.

Of course, there is also the possibility that Microsoft was working on an iPad Touch Cover at some point and then decided to scrap the product for whatever reason. Since companies don’t tend to comment on product leaks, we won’t know for sure until a launch event… If there ever is one. For now, iPad owners who want a Touch Cover will just have to hold on and wait while Microsoft either plans an official launch or announces the product was not followed through on. If you really, really, REALLY want an iPad Touch Cover there is one solution available… Just buy a Surface.

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