Microsoft Has Investors “Yammering” Over Latest Purchase

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News of Microsoft’s Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Intent to acquire Yammer, a social media site with an overwhelming clientele in the fortune 500 company list, has been circulating media houses for the last two months, or so. Today, it has been confirmed that Microsoft has sealed the deal on the Yammer Acquisition. This was marked with a lot of excitement as Jared Spatro, a senior director at Microsoft’s office section, noted that Microsoft was focused on the future.

We covered the story a while back, and highlighted that the deal was valued at $1.6 billion. The financial dynamics still remain the same, as the deal draws to an end. This deal has been deemed by many, as an outset of a new chapter in Microsoft’s defensive strategy. Apparently, Microsoft doesn’t want to remain behind in the productivity space.

Yammer has also cited its excitement, remarking that the deal will be instrumental in helping it realize its vision. This came to light through its blog post, where the company praised the deal and remarked that it would ‘massively accelerate’ its vision.

From the appearance of things, Microsoft and Yammer are on the same page, as both of them have rallied a positive spirit with regard to the deal. In fact, Microsoft has even gone to the extent of name dropping. The tech heavyweight has been noted in previous speeches for name dropping Yammer- something that many considered as an indication of Microsoft’s swelling desire to own Yammer.

Although not conclusive, Microsoft gave a hint of how the newly spawned relationship will work out, noting that Yammer would remain a stand-alone product. To snuff out the possibility of misguided speculations and rumors, Microsoft promised that its links with other office divisions would be coming down the freeway.

As both companies perform the usual last minute touches, one big question looms. What degree of liberty will the new purchase be accorded? Microsoft has been known to give varied degrees of liberty to new companies under its fold. For instance, Skype, which was acquired just the other day, has been given some reasonable degree of liberty. In the past, most of the purchases were marked with limited autonomy. One particular purchase that attracted a lot of media attention was the aQuantive purchase, which later bit the dust. The triple digit purchase publicly flopped, after Microsoft got too attached.

As Microsoft and Yammer embark on a new journey, investors are glued to the edges of their seats, following newly awakened prospects. Microsoft today opened trading at $30.51.


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