Bill Gates Talks About Microsoft’s Windows 8

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Celebrated Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) founder and Chairman Bill Gates has shared his insights on the Windows 8, ahead of the highly anticipated October 26th launch, which will also mark the launch of Skype for Windows 8. In a video interview with Microsoft’s Steve Clayton, the 56 year old billionaire echoes CEO Steve Ballmer’s remarks saying that Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone are critical products for the company.

Bill Gates, who will celebrate his birthday two days after the Windows 8 launch, notes that the Windows 8 will combine the best of tablets and PCs, hinting that the company looks forward to creating a seamless platform for both tablet and PC users.  Gates took particular care to note that the Windows 8 takes windows into a world of touch and low power devices, creating the much needed uniformity between tablet and PC users.

While the new Windows 8 will definitely embrace new technological trends like touch, Gates is keen to note that Microsoft will create a natural user interface. From his reasoning, a particularly enthusiastic Gates notes that a natural user interface will allow traditional fanatics to still blend mouse and keyboard capabilities with their devices. In the same breath, Microsoft’s Steve Clayton also asks Gates about the evident consistency in the look-and-feel and base code of the Windows 8 and the Windows 8 phone. In response, Gates notes that the idea is to fuel the evolution of the company’s products into one platform that enhances connectivity. Gates further notes that the enhanced connectivity makes it easier for users to access cloud services, suggesting that Gates is aware of the brimming potential in the cloud market.

Bill Gates, who was the wealthiest American in 2011, also notes that the company has been saving up, in light of its new set of products. He notes that the saving has been geared towards sustaining the key product launches for this year, calling this period ‘a big time for the company’. “People will be amazed at the energy Microsoft is putting behind its new products,” he notes.

When quizzed about tablets, he responded by praising the Surface tablet.  “Surface is an unbelievably great product,” he notes. Gates even notes that he uses the Surface RT basic black.

While Bill Gates is very optimistic about Windows 8, there are a few critics who have emerged with arguments about its use, citing that some of its aspects are confusing.  In fact, fellow Microsoft co founder Paul Allen noted in a past blog post that the new tablet features of Windows were ‘particularly bold and innovative’, despite some puzzling aspects of the Operating System.

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