Microsoft Edge Not So Popular Among Windows 10 Users

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Microsoft Edge, the new browser that comes with Windows 10 has not been very popular with users so far. A pair of analytics vendors have come out with some data suggesting the new browser is used by a minority of Windows 10 users, somewhere between one-sixth and one-third of users, says a report from Computer World.

Not that many Windows 10 users trying Edge

California-based Net Applications notes that of all the browsers tracked by it, Edge accounted for just 0.14% in July. User share of Windows 10 was 0.39% for the month of July. Since Edge works on Windows 10 only, the research firms calculates the browser was used only by 36% of the potential users, said Net Applications. The analytic firm made use of the visitor tallies on the client’s websites to calculate the user share. The result thus obtained represents a rough estimate of the percentage of the world’s online users running a specific browser.

Irish metrics vendor StatCounter also makes a similar claim as Net Applications, saying Microsoft Edge is far from being the preferred browser of the users who have upgraded to Windows 10. The average daily usage share of Windows 10 was 4.4% for the first 16 days of August while for Edge this figure stood at just 0.7%, which is far less in comparison to the Windows 10. In other words, about 16% of the online activity of all the Windows 10 owners is accounted for by Edge, according to StatCounter. The Irish firm tallied page views to come out with their numbers.

A let down for Microsoft Edge

Neither Net Applications nor StatCounter revealed their public data on the browsers used on different operating systems. Therefore, determining the browsers that are preferred by Windows 10 users in place of Edge is not possible. Google Chrome is the most popular browser, but there is no guarantee users are choosing Chrome over Edge.

The low popularity of the Edge browser among Windows 10 users suggests a failure on the part of Microsoft in promoting its new browser. While it is still very early, this is not a good sign for Microsoft as it has positioned Edge as being its browser of the future.

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