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Microsoft has released a new app for Android phones. Arrow, a custom app launcher for Android, was first noticed by Microsoft News. Though Arrow is available only through an invite-system on Google+, it can be downloaded from OneDrive, says a report from ZDNet.

A reminder of Windows Phone

Once set as the Android launcher, Arrow splits the home screen of the phone into three distinct panes. Recently used apps and a few others are displayed on the main screen of the phone. A “People” pane bearing the icon for frequent contacts will appear once the user swipes to the left, while swiping to the right makes notes and reminders visible on the screen.

When viewing a list of all the installed apps, the display screen reminds users of the Windows Phone. The apps are arranged in alphabetical order, making it easier to scroll through a specific section of apps. At the bottom of all three panes, one can notice dedicated apps for the browser, phone app, messages and camera. An additional feature of downloading a new wallpaper every day from Bing images is also available.

As of now, the app is still in beta, but Microsoft is expected to add more features to make Arrow look more attractive. The tech firm may consider adding its own apps and services such as Office and OneNote or even consider integrating Cortana and its contextual notifications.

Microsoft flagship store in New York City

In other Microsoft-related news, the company plans to open a flagship store in New York City this fall. The timing of the store goes with the rumors of Microsoft planning to launch some new hardware and phones this fall. The store could also be used to help partner with PC makers in their launches and promote new Windows 10 devices prior to the holiday season.

In September, Microsoft officials confirmed news of a new full-size Microsoft Store on Fifth Avenue. The new store will be situated at 677 Fifth Ave. (near 53rd St.), which is just five blocks away from Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store. Prior to the Microsoft store, the location was the home of Fendi.

At around 10 a.m. Eastern, Microsoft shares were down 0.15% at $45.28, and year to date, the stock is down by almost 4%.

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