Strong Earthquake Reported In Mexico City

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A Strong Earthquake has apparently been felt in Mexico City. Reports of the quake were emerging on Thursday afternoon just before 13:10 EDT. The city lies close to a fault line and is the constant victim of small and medium tremors. Today’s earthquake apparently hit more than 300 kilometres away from the city itself, but residents reported feeling its effects nonetheless.

The effects of the quake, were not fully known at time of writing, but the US Geological survey reported that a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit just 13 km away from Tecpan, Guerrero, Mexico at about five minutes past one this afternoon. Just last month a 7.2 Magnitude earthquake caused the city to shake.

Office worker fill streets in Mexico City

According to an Associated Press report on the earthquake, the streets in Mexico City could be felt to shake for less than a minute just after 1PM EST. Office workers frightened by the turmoil left their buildings and filled the streets, where they were at least protected from potential rubble. There were no reports of immediate injury or property damage from the earthquake according to the news outlet.

The 6.8 magnitude earthquake will not be considered a large one, particular since a bigger shake has hit the city within the last month. The most noticeable effects of the incident lasted for about 40 seconds according to reports from the city.

Earthquake prediction still at a loss

Earthquake prediction is not something that human science has been able to do just yet, but there are certain indicators that tend to heighten warning levels. Many theories speculate that a number of minor earthquakes in the same general area may be a precursor to a bigger tremor.

Even that method is tainted by statistical error and a poor understanding of the exact mathematical mechanism that underlie an earthquake. Places like Mexico city have to survive with early warnings detection systems.



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