McDonald’s To Offer Healthier Options

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If you lack willpower and enjoy eating at McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD), fear not. The world’s largest fast food chain will begin offering healthier options to both fight a growing worldwide obesity epidemic and remain relevant amongst its competitors, which are rapidly swallowing McDonald’s revenue. I truly don’t see the point, it’s tantamount to asking Jenny Craig to help you put on weight for your next title fight.

McDonald's To Offer Healthier Options

McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) is not meant to be healthy. It’s a quick, cheap option for a bag of fat. I recognize the presence of food islands that don’t allow for healthy eating in some neighborhoods, but it’s tough to envision McDonald’s moving towards salads as anything but a public relations stunt. The amount of people that McDonald’s will gain offering salads is negligible. But, if it keeps another frivolous lawsuit out of the news I’m all for it.

For the millions who watch their waists grow rather than watch their caloric intake, don’t worry—the changes to McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) menu won’t happen for a number of years as it readies its supply chain for this folly.

McDonald’s will begin offering healthy options

McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) will begin offering healthy options as part of its popular value meals, letting customers choose a side salad, fruit or vegetables instead of french fries by….2020. Yes, some time in the next seven years these options will be available in McDonald’s 20 largest markets, markets that account for 85 percent of its sales.

Let’s not forget, these are just options. You will not be frowned upon by the counter staff if you continue scarfing down french fries.

In recent years, owing to consumer advocacy and health groups, McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) has “voluntarily” begun providing nutritional information to its customers. Turns out its food is bad for you. This is as surprising as the sticker on my iron that tells me not to iron clothes that I’m presently wearing.

McDonald’s to improve nutritional value

A lot of the pressure on McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) to improve the nutritional value of its offerings has come from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a group that fills in for parents of children who don’t seem to care for their offspring.

Pressure from the group in recent years has prompted McDonald’s to begin pushing water, juice, and non-fat milk in its Happy Meals. Now, rather than saving the kids, they are after adults’ french fries. Nonetheless, it’s nice to have options.

“McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD)’s slow march toward healthier meals made a major advance today, but a long road lies ahead for the company,” CSPI said in a statement.



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