McDonald’s: Impressive Numbers Behind $85B Restaurant [INFOGRAPHIC]

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It’s not a surprise that McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) is the most valuable fast food business in the world, but did you know that with its value of $85.7 Billion it’s actually worth more than the combined values of the other top 10 fast food brands including Starbucks and Subway.

Their advertising budget is also impressive! Only in 2013 they spent almost $1B on advertising just in the US. That’s almost the same as what Romney and Obama spent on their campaigns!

Other surprising facts include:

  • 50% of McDonald’s restaurants were opened in the last 8 years!
  • McDonald’s has more customers daily than the population of France
  • The Golden Arches logo is more recognizable than the Cross
  • Which fast food brand has more restaurants than McDonald’s?
  • McDonald’s richer than the whole state of Vermont

With the recent minimum wage controversies surrounding McDonald’s I’m sure your readers will want to know more about the shocking numbers behind this fast food giant.

McDonald’s: Impressive Numbers Behind $85 Billion Restaurant

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