Masters In Business: Bill McBride Of Calculated Risk

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This week on Masters in Business I sit down with Bill McBride of the highly regarded economics blog Calculated Risk. Widely regarded as the best economics blog on the planet, McBride & CR were famously dead right — in public, in print and in real time — about the impending housing collapse in 2006, the recession in 2008, the economic recovery in 2009, and the housing recovery in 2010.

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I have known Bill for more than a decade, and while we have exchanged many, many emails, and occasionally chatted over the phone, this was the first time we actually sat down and had a one-on-one conversation.

Bill talked about how the Calculated Risk blog developed, why he still has comments, and why he only rarely offers an opinion. He also explains how Tanta became his co-blogger, and what she meant to the site — as well as the loss felt by her passing.

He also takes on some of the less economic analysts — he does not have kind things to say about Zero Hedge and others who insist the data is faked or manipulated.

Masters In Business: Bill McBride Of Calculated Risk

You can hear the full interview, including the podcast extras, by streaming it below; you can also download the podcast at iTunes, Soundcloud or Bloomberg. All of our earlier podcasts can be found at iTunesSoundcloud and Bloomberg.

Books discussed include Big Shifts Ahead: Demographic Clarity For Business by John Burns & Chris Porter;  House of Debt: How They (and You) Caused the Great Recession, and How We Can Prevent It from Happening Again by Atif Mian & Amir Sufi; and The Courage to Act: A Memoir of a Crisis and Its Aftermath by Ben S. Bernanke


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