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Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2014 code conference

May 28, 2014

Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2014 Key Internet Trends: High-Level User / Usage Trends

  • Internet Users

<10% Y/Y growth & slowing fastest growth in more difficult to monetize developing markets like India / Indonesia / Nigeria

  • Smartphone Subscribers

+20% strong growth though slowing fastest growth in underpenetrated markets like China / India / Brazil / Indonesia

  • Tablets

+52% early stage rapid unit growth

Internet Trends tablet shipments

  • Mobile Data Traffic

+81% accelerating growth…video = strong driver

Internet trends mobile traffic

Internet Trends: Cyber Threats Intensifying

1) # of Active Threat Groups Rising Rapidly = 300 (+4x since 2011) per Mandiant tracking

2) Increased Nation-State Activities*

3) Vulnerable Systems Placed on Internet Compromised in <15 Minutes**

4) +95% of Networks Compromised in Some Way

5) As Mobile Platforms Grow, Directed Attacks Will Rise

Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2014 – Education May Be at Inflection Point

Education is Important – Getting education right is crucial for future success

Education is Expensive

  • Secondary School Costs – USA ranks 4th globally in expenditure per student among 34 OECD countries*
  • Higher Education Costs – 71% of 4-year college grads = $30K average student loan debt. All in, this $1T+ exceeds credit card & auto loan debt

Education Results Often Subpar

  • Public Schools – Rank 27th globally in math / 20th in science / 17th in reading
  • College Job Prep – 1/3 of four-year college graduates feel their education did not prepare them well for employment

People Care About Education – 8 in 10 Americans say education issue is extremely / very important to them

Personalized Education Ramping – People learn in different ways and Internet offers many options – on own terms and at low cost – to many, with real-time feedback

Distribution Expanding & Education Start Up Costs Declining – Direct to consumer / teacher allows education products to receive rapid mass adoption productization / distribution costs falling

Graduation Rates Rising – 81% of high school freshman graduated in 2012, up from 74% five years ago

Language Learning Easier / Fun – 25MM+ people (+14x Y/Y) use Duolingo app to learn new language

Communication Easier – 12MM+ teachers / students / parents (+15x Y/Y) use Remind101 to send 500MM+ messages

Behavior Feedback Easier – 35MM+ teachers / students / parents using ClassDojo to help improve student behavior through real-time feedback

Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2014 full document

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