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The following is a Q2 presentation by Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek (find him on Twitter here) titled “Around the World with Yusko – The Abe-san Also Rises: The Continuing Case for Japan” in which he provides an outlook on Abenomics.

Words of Wisdom

“QQE is an open-ended program so there’s no pre-set date on how long it will last. We won’t end QQE in 2015 before 2% inflation is achieved or before such price growth is achieved in a sustained manner.” Hikari Kuroda – BOJ

“I believe a review of GPIF’s asset allocation must take place as soon as possible.” Norihisa Tamura – Health Minister

“20% would not necessarily be too high a hurdle for the GPIF’s weighting of Japanese stocks.” Yasuhiro Yonezawa – GPIF Chairman

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Yusko Abenomics

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Mark Yusko Q2 letter

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