Old Park Capital 19% YTD Return: The Evolution of the Maestro Strategy

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Old Park Capital Limited:  The Evolution of the Maestro Strategy

By Harvest Exchange

A strong first half in 2014 for the Maestro Strategy has delivered +19.17% to investors.

Old Park Capital Limited (OPC) is a specialist investment manager that runs USD $250 million for institutional clients. We focus on providing clients with diversification as our investment strategies have been quantitatively designed to protect client capital in all market conditions and to deliver strong returns when other asset classes are performing poorly. Unlike other fund managers, Old Park Capital does not offer a mixed bag of funds. In our view this is unsatisfactory given that this often triggers contradictory motivations in investment managers and exerts a pull on resources in different directions depending on prevailing trends. The founding principals at Old Park Capital drive the firm to maintain what they believe are key components in the sound management of a systematic fund, namely: Risk management and regulatory platform quality Performance consistency and durability Constant parameter analysis and sensitizing Input factor monitoring, validity and maintenance Market understanding and its impact on the investments An economically intuitive and strong theoretical foundation Continuing investment in technology and the best people The founding principals have spent their entire careers either in systematic investment model and product design or in advising senior clients on investments. Old Park Capital believe this is a unique and potent combination and one which enables them to successfully harness their differentiating, mature and established alpha-generating ability within the existing systematic absolute return investment genre to deliver value to investors.

The Evolution of the Maestro Strategy

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The Maestro Strategy has continued to deliver solid performance in 2014:

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Performance during the months of January & February was helped by the spike in volatility in the Eurostoxx and S&P indices which was caused by the political tensions in Ukraine and Russia.

March saw volatility fall back to record low levels but since we have seen volatility levels stabilise. Most importantly volatility has stopped decreasing, which has allowed the strategy to deliver over +8% in the past 3 months, even in conditions that are not particularly favourable to the strategy.

Old Park Capital Limited:  The Evolution of the Maestro Strategy by Harvest

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