Mackenzie Scott Net Worth: Exploring Her Path to Success

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MacKenzie Scott Tuttle is one of the most powerful women in the United States. The American philanthropist has given millions of dollars to charity worldwide. As of 2023, the billionaire philanthropist has a net worth of $20.6 billion.

Are you interested in knowing how rich MacKenzie Scott is? Read on.

Personal Life

Early Life

McKenzie Scott was born in April 1970 in California to Holiday Robin and Jason Baker Tuttle. She grew up in Marin County, across the Golden Gate Bridge. They owned another home in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Fransisco. Her father was a financial advisor, and her mother was a homemaker.


MacKenzie Scott studied her high school at the Hotchkiss School in Connecticut. MacKenzie’s parents filed for bankruptcy during her junior year and relocated to Florida. Her father had learned he was facing the US Securities and Exchange Commission prob. MacKenzie’s father attempted to restart his financial firm in Florida but failed.

MacKenzie enrolled at Princeton University to study English, majoring in creative writing. At the University, she sat in Toni Morrison’s class. Toni Morrison is a famed author who described MacKenzie as “one of the best students I’ve ever had.”

Meeting Jeff Bezos

MacKenzie graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and moved to New York. The goal was to chase her dream of becoming a novelist. Before realizing her novel-writing dream, MacKenzie worked at the D. E. Shaw Group. She was an administrative assistant at a multinational investment firm.

While in this position, one of the people she aided was Jeff Bezos, the company’s Senior VP. She was later promoted to research associate, working under Jeff Bezos.

Scott and Jeff Bezos met in 1992, married the following year, and relocated to Seattle in 1994. McKenzie Scott was 23, while Bezos was 29.

Final Settlement

Mackenzie Bezos filed for divorce in 2019. She received a settlement of $38 billion after the proceedings. From the court records, Mackenzie Bezos promised to give the entire chunk of money to charity. The former Mackenzie Bezos married a science teacher, Dan Jewett. She filed for divorce from her second marriage late last year.

Life After Divorce

MacKenzie Scott stayed with her first husband for 25 years. She divorced the multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos in 2019. After receiving the divorce settlement, she promised to give her fortune to charity.

In January 2021, MacKenzie married a science teacher, Dan Jewett. In 2022, she made a divorce announcement, separating from her second husband. The two concluded their divorce in September 2022.

Mackenzie Scott launched a new database through her organization in December 2022. The database shows that MacKenzie has given around $14 billion to 1600 organizations. 128 of these non-profits are in California.

Half of the donations in California went to education and youth development organizations. The donations focused on schools, colleges, and universities. Moreover, the former MacKenzie Bezos does not dictate how the organizations spend the funds. She lets the receiving organizations decide how to use the funds.

Take a Look at  Jeff Bezo’s Ex-wife MacKenzie Scott Files For Divorce From Her:

How Did MacKenzie Scott Build Her Wealth?

Talk of perfect timing. MacKenzie Scott married Jeff Bezos in 1993, the year before he founded Amazon, the largest online marketplace in the world. Mackenzie recalls driving to Washington as Bezos worked on the business plan for Amazon. The two remained together until 2019, when MacKenzie filed for divorce.

In the divorce settlement, MacKenzie Bezos was awarded 25 percent of Amazon stock shares worth around $38 billion. Under the divorce settlement, Mackenzie gave her voting rights of the retained shares to Jeff Bezos.

So, how did the American novelist and philanthropist earn this net worth? The largest share of her wealth is from the growth of her shares in Amazon. 2020 alone saw her shares earn her an extra $25 billion. On July 13, 2020, MacKenzie became the wealthiest woman in the world for a day. This happened when Amazon broke the price of $3,300 per single share.

The price dropped later that day, sending MacKenzie back to second place. Françoise Bettencourt Meyers is the wealthiest woman in the world, with a net worth of $80.5 billion. She is a French businesswoman and philanthropist.

As the world reacted to the coronavirus pandemic, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos were laughing all the way to the bank. As people were stuck at home, online purchases became popular. As a result, Amazon stock prices soared, and so did Jeff and Mackenzie’s net worth.

Is MacKenzie Scott Rich?


To answer the question about Mackenzie’s riches, let us look at her philanthropic engagements.

On July 2020, MacKenzie published an article on her Medium blogging account with two major announcements. First, she changed her name from MacKenzie Bezos to MacKenzie Scott.

The second one was that she had given $1.7 billion to 116 charities. A few months later, she announced another donation of $4.2 billion to 384 charity organizations.

Mackenzie intends”To give the majority of my wealth back to the society that helped generate it, to do it thoughtfully, to get started soon, and to keep at it until the safe is empty.”

MacKenzie Scott’s Productivity Habits and Personal Strength

After divorcing two husbands, Mackenzie Scott says she has found a new love in philanthropy. The billionaire novelist says she loves giving to charitable causes that deserve the money. She signed the Giving Pledge in 2019 and promised to give the bulk of her wealth back to society before she departs from this world.


What Did MacKenzie Scott Do With Her Money After Divorce?

MacKenzie Scott signed the Giving Pledge and swore to thoughtfully give over 90 percent of her wealth to charity before she dies. So far, the billionaire has given billions of dollars to charity organizations.

How Much More MacKenzie Scott Donated To Charity Compared To Her Ex-Husband Jeff Bezos?

As of March 2023, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s net worth was $115.4 billion. According to Forbes, the Multi-billionaire businessman has given $2.4 billion to charity. Bezos’s ex-wife, MacKenzie Scott, has given five times more in over two years. That makes it $12.8 billion, $10.2 billion more.

How Many Children Does MacKenzie Scott Have?

MacKenzie has four children with Jeff Bezos.


MacKenzie is a great global figure who has played a significant role in improving the world. After divorcing Bezos and Jewett, MacKenzie pledged to give her wealth to society. Since then, she has donated to hundreds of charities and continues to do so in different parts of the world.