MacBook 2016 vs. MacBook 2015 Speed Test: Which Is Faster?

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Just like with its smartphones and tablets Apple release’s new versions of the MacBook almost every year, and wherever you look around the web you are sure to find MacBook vs MacBook comparisons.

However, what about 2016s 12-inch MacBook? Well you won’t be surprised to discover that it has already been compared to its predecessor the 2015 MacBook and the most obvious difference between the two is the inclusion of an all new processor in the 2016 model.

MacBook CPUs Compared

Comparisons completed between the 2015s Intel-Core M (Broadwell) CPU and the newer Intel 1.1GHz Skylake CPU using the Geekbench bench-marking service have shown that the newer CPU runs between 5-and-18 percent faster than its predecessor.

Overall the Skylake CPU when tested ended up with a 2,534 single-core score and a 5,025 mult-icore score on Geekbench.

Application Load Time

When it came to testing the speed of the MacBook 2016 the solid state drive was chosen first. Testing revealed that in this new model there is a consistent improvement in software load times and boot up is also noticeably quicker.

Testing and Even More Testing

With the various different options available when it comes to testing hardware these days, we chose to make use of we ran each device through Cinebench for both GPU and CPU render testing and also Geekbench 3, oh and not forgetting Octane for testing the installed web browser.

During these tests the latest 2016 edition did show some slight improvements over last year’s model however, they were minimal at best.

A Big Improvement in Video Editing

Leaving the best until last, we tested the video editing capabilities with BruceX, which if you don’t already know is a benchmark test for Final Cut. In this test the 2016 MacBook finally shined through and trounced the older model by a huge 300 percent.

Exactly why this improvement should be the most noticeable compared to all the others that could have been, we don’t know. However, if you use your current laptop for video editing would you like a performance increase?

Final Thoughts

According to the likes of Apple insider, this year’s new MacBook does not offer enough to justify a 2015 model user upgrade. It actually suggests that a user wait for a few years or upgrade to one of the latest Pro models.

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