Luis D. Ortiz Net Worth: Exploring His Real Estate Ventures

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Luis D. Ortiz is a 36-year-old licensed realtor and reality television personality. He has worked for several high-end real estate firms, including Douglas Elliman. As a TV star, Ortiz has co-starred on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York. With a net worth of $16 million, Ortiz is one of the richest realtors in the United States.

Facts About Luis Ortiz

Full nameLuis D. Ortiz
Birthdate and ageNovember 13, 1986, 36 years.
BirthplaceGuaynabo, Puerto Rico.
Parents and familyMother; Mariam Berrios Sanchez. Father; Daniel Ortiz. Twin brother; Daniel Ortiz.
Nationality, ethnicity American, mixed ethnicity
Gender and sexual orientationMale, Straight.
Marital statusUnmarried 
ChildrenA daughter, Leela Daniel Singh-Ortiz
Who’s the motherLuis Ortiz’s ex-girlfriend Nikita Singh.
ProfessionReal estate salesperson, reality TV star.
Net worth$16 million
Height5 feet 8 inches

Luis Ortiz Biography

Early Life

Luis D. Ortiz is a well-known real estate broker born in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, on November 13, 1986. He grew up with his parents and twin brother, Daniel Ortiz. At 16, the twin brothers left home and moved to the United States to chase the American dream. They left their parents a note informing them they were leaving Puerto Rico.

Luis D. Ortiz started with simple jobs in Florida. He worked at Hollister Clothing during the day and at a college as a nighttime janitor. In 2006, Luis Ortiz left Florida for New York to study at the New York Film Academy.

His first attempt in the film industry was a success. At 19, he wrote and produced a short film, Amalia. He did everything in the movie, from writing, producing, and directing. The film won the Best Direction award at the Puerto Rico Film Festival in 2007.

In 2008, Luis Ortiz created another film, but he did not release it. He raised funds from restaurants to produce The Theatre of the Absurd in New York. The outcome was not pleasing, and Ortiz shelved the film.

Personal Life

Luis D. Ortiz has a daughter with his ex-girlfriend, Nikita Singh. The baby girl, Leela Daniel Singh-Ortiz, was born on March 8, 2019. In 2013, Us Weekly ranked Luis D. Ortiz #19 among the most stylish New Yorkers.

As a real estate agent, Ortiz often used his Photoshop skills to revamp his adverts. He once advertised a property with Photoshopped images. The Ad said, “If I put the real photos out there, not a single person will ever come inside.”

The ad angered many people, causing the New York State Department of State to investigate it. Luis Ortiz said he learned what to do and what not to do in the future. He said he was glad he did the listing like that; otherwise, he would never have learned.


Real Estate Agent

After The Theatre of the Absurd failed, Ortiz turned to the real estate industry. His first job was with Blackstone Properties. This was the real estate brokerage firm that rented him an apartment in New York. He started selling rental apartments at the company. Later, he left for Prodigy Network and then Synergy NYC.

After the first year on the job, Luis D. Ortiz rented out over 35 units monthly. His name became popular among property owners and management companies. Ortiz stopped renting apartments and began selling in 2009. He had cleared $20 million within the first few months as a real estate salesperson.

By 2010, Luis D. Ortiz was the salesperson every property owner and agent wanted. He joined the high-end Synergy NYC and furthered his property-selling ability. At Synergy, he cleared millions of dollars per year.

Take a Look at Million Dollar Listing New York’s’ Luis D. Ortiz Talks About How He Found His Passion:

Reality TV Personality

Million Dollar Listing New York premiered on March 7, 2012, on Bravo. Luis D. Ortiz did not know about the reality series until someone working for the show called him. He was transiting from Synergy NYC to Keller Williams, NYC, then. The executive producers of the series expressed their concerns about the movement. Eventually, they agreed to cast him.

The show aired its second season beginning May 2013. It follows Luis D. Ortiz and his fellow cast working as real estate salespeople in New York.

After the season finale, Keller Williams fired Ortiz. Within days, he was already working for Douglas Elliman. Douglas Elliman is the largest real estate company in New York.

In season five of the television series, Ortiz said he wanted to leave the real estate business. He said the craft no longer excited him. He left for Paris in 2017. In 2018, the reality star revealed that he suffered from depression. He even said he had suicidal thoughts for three months.

Luis moved back to New York in 2018 and returned to Douglas Elliman. He rejoined the Million Dollar Listing New York reality TV show in its eighth season.

What is Luis Ortiz’s Net Worth and Salary?

Real Estate

Luis D. Ortiz rented an apartment in Chelsea, New York City, in 2014. He paid a monthly rent of $7,000 for the apartment. He had relocated from Battery Park City, where his apartment faced the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty.

The funny thing about this real estate mogul is that he does not believe in real estate investing. Luis D. Ortiz has sold properties across America worth millions of dollars, but he does not own a home. He is a lifelong renter who claims it allows him to make abrupt decisions.

Assets and Liabilities

Judging a person’s financial strength from their television appearances is difficult. Netflix’s The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals does not portray Ortiz as a millionaire. His scuffed beard and casual dress code make him appear like he just wandered into the scene. However, Luis Ortiz is a wealthy realtor with an impressive net worth of $16 million.

He has worked in some highest-end real estate companies. It is unknown how much Netflix pays the Puerto Rican for his role in The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals. It is, however, believed that he earned a significant amount from his role at Million Dollar Listing New York.


What Happened to Luis Ortiz on the Million Dollar Listing Show?

Ortiz left the Million Dollar Listing New York reality show after season eight. His reason for leaving is that it was not in line with his life’s ultimate goal. His passion was not in real estate selling but in film direction. Luis D. Ortiz said he left Puerto Rico to become a film director.

Who is the Richest on the Million Dollar Listing?

With an estimated net worth of $30 million, Fredrik Eklund is the richest among the cast of Million Dollar Listing New York. He co-founded The Eklund | Gomes Team, a real estate company in New York City.

Where is Luis Ortiz Now?

Luis D. Ortiz is currently working with Netflix on the reality TV series World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals. The show is in its second season, and as it appears, Luis is having the fun of his life in it. He also appears to be learning how to play the guitar, as per his Instagram posts.


Luis D Ortiz is the perfect testimony that the American dream is real. He left his parents in Puerto Rico and moved to the United States to chase his dream of becoming a film director. After studying at the New York Film Academy, he created his short film, Amalia. The film was quite successful.

Though he wandered off into the real estate industry, his newest Netflix show, The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals, shows that he is back on track. His extensive net worth of $16 million is thanks to his involvement in the real estate and film industries.