London Trails Paris And New York For Property Prices

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Research by Astons, the international experts on real estate, residency and citizenship has revealed that London trails New York, Beijing and Paris when it comes to property prices surrounding famous landmarks.

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Property Prices Surrounding Famous Landmarks

Astons analysed property prices surrounding 11 famous landmarks across the global property market to find which attracted the highest price tag where a bricks and mortar investment is concerned.

The research shows that France, or more specifically Paris, ranks top with the average apartment-sized property surrounding the Eiffel Tower coming in at £486,244.

New York’s Statue of Liberty also places ahead of London. Although there is a distinct lack of available homes on the island itself, an apartment-sized home in the surrounding areas will set you back £478,137.

London’s Big Ben does take the bronze though, with Aston’s research showing a modest-sized home in Westminster will currently set you back £464,547.

The Sydney Opera House (£328,955) and Rome’s Colosseum (£250,678) also rank as some of the most expensive real estate landmarks around the world.

At the other end of the scale, an apartment-sized property within reach of Cairo’s Pyramids of Giza would set you back just £27,431, with the Taj Mahal (£29,706) and Rio’s Christ the Redeemer (£52,893) also presenting some far more affordable options.

Investment Opportunities In Premier Locations

Managing Director of Astons, Arthur Sarkisian, commented:

“The global property market is wonderfully diverse and allows many investors to build a wide portfolio based on their personal criteria and requirements.

Of course, investing in the global go-to destinations of Paris, New York and London will come at a considerably higher cost, but even these premier locations will offer a range of investment opportunities at varying price points.

Identifying the best option in any market will always rely on help from those operating on the ground with the local knowledge and expertise to help facilitate an investment.”

Nation Location Landmark Value of apartment-sized property in the surrounding area
France Paris Eiffel Tower £486,244
United States New York Statue of Liberty £478,137
United Kingdom London Big Ben £464,547
Australia Sydney Sydney Opera House £328,955
Italy Rome Colosseum £250,678
Russia Moscow Red Square £169,701
Greece Athens Acropolis £133,801
United Arab Emirates Dubai Burj Khalifa £113,901
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Cristo Redentor £52,893
India Agra Taj Mahal £29,706
Egypt Cairo Pyramids of Giza £27,431

  • Average size of a London flat at 43 square metres used as the comparable property size across all global markets, sourced from the Office for National Statistics.
  • Local property values per square metre around each famous landmark sourced from the Global Property Guide, Statista and the Global Cost of Living Index.
  • Astons are leading international real estate experts on residency and citizenship through investment offering bespoke residence and citizenship solutions in the UK, EU and Caribbean through property investment.
  • Astons have over 30 years of experience assisting individuals to successfully relocate their lives, lifestyles and companies through the complex world of global immigration law
  • Astons offer everything from residency and citizenship, UK visas and immigration, legal support and guidance on worldwide property investment.