List Of PlayStation Neo Games That Would Be Great For 4K

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While we’re likely going to have to wait until late 2017 to get our hands on the PlayStation Neo, there’s a good bet that the next few weeks and months will be packed with speculations about what games will be available and which games the console will be able to offer better 4K and VR gaming experiences for.

Five games for PlayStation Neo

In its early days, we believe that Sony’s current crop of Flagship franchises will battle for dominance alongside a few what could be considered to be lower-tier games. However, for now, we will just have to guess as to what franchises will do battle to gain the early title of the best game for the PlayStation Neo. Here’s a selection of games that we think will make their way onto 4K and maybe even VR.

God of War 4

As it currently stands, the mantle for graphic excellence on the PlayStation 4 goes to the latest and possibly last game in the Uncharted series. God of War, on the other hand, is both helped and held back by its graphic content, in so much as it contains serious amounts of gore and too much blood!

We can’t see this holding back the game or its franchise from being ported over to the PlayStation Neo, however. In fact, we think that as far as playing the game in 4K super high definition is concerned, it is certainly a shoe-in to be one of the better early titles for the console. However, where VR gaming is concerned, we doubt a game like this would appeal to many as seeing someone being decapitated in VR could be an extremely frightening experience.

Killzone 4

Killzone as a visual extravaganza has always lead the way for Sony, especially where the first-person shooter genre is concerned. In fact, it first appeared on PlayStation over 12 years ago and was a hit back then. However, when it comes to story line and just the sheer ability to keep people interested, it pales in comparison to the likes of Call of Duty and the Halo series.

As for what the future holds for this franchise, it does seem to be in good hands as Guerilla Games, its creator, has been around during many different technological changes to the PlayStation console. So it is a good bet that we will see Killzone be one of the launch titles for the PlayStation Neo, just as it was for the PS4. If it does stand a chance of being there at the start as a 4K or even a VR game. Some believe that this game alone could help decide the early exchanges of the console war to come.

Gran Turismo 7

The Gran Turismo franchise has been at the forefront of car racing for almost 20 years now and in that time has seen the evolution of the PlayStation console from an early, graphically-stunted machine into what it is today: the best-selling and probably most advanced gaming console on the market.

For those reasons alone, we think that Gran Turismo will certainly find its way onto the PlayStation Neo. In fact, we think that it will be one of the first, if not the first VR racing game to make it big! What do we expect from it in terms of graphics? Well, if the past 2D graphics are anything to go by, then we expect the best, whether that’s on 4K high def or VR.

Wipeout Ultra-HD

We’d love to see the Wipeout series make its way onto 4K or even VR with the PlayStation Neo. However, the game franchise is currently in limbo as the only developer to have ever worked on the series closed its doors in 2012 (SCE Studio Liverpool, nee Psygnosis).

There must be plenty of willing and able developers out there who would want to port the game over to 4K or, even better, VR. Imagine what taking the helm of a futuristic flying ship would be like. We’d really like to give it a try!

The Amazing Spider-Man

Imagine this: you’re playing a VR game and you’re a superhero! Sound good? We think it does… In fact, we’d love to see a game like The Amazing Spider-man make it over to the PlayStation Neo. Could you imagine what web-swinging through the high rises of New York would be like? AMAZING is the word we would use!

While we can’t find any mention of Spider-Man making it onto the console, Spidey has been freed from the clutches of Activision movie-related projects. So the possibility of the web-crawler making his way to VR and 4K is much more likely than it ever was before.

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