LG G5: What To Expect From LG G4’s Successor?

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With the LG G4 having been released relatively recently, it is perhaps surprising that the company is already considering its LG G5 sequel. There have been media reports suggesting in recent weeks that LG will release the LG G5 before the end of the year, in an attempt to boost flagging sales.


The Korean company will be releasing the smartphone into an incredibly competitive marketplace. Apple has just enjoyed a stellar 2014, while LG must compete with the mammoth Samsung in the East Asian marketplace. Although the LG G4 was an acclaimed mobile device, it is always difficult for LG to find an audience for its products, even though the reputation of the company has grown significantly in recent years.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t necessarily been matched by the trading of LG on the stock exchange. With its share price having peaked in 2011, LG has struggled to return it to those levels over the last few years, following a plummeting in it share price shortly after its 2011 peak.


So there is certainly pressure on the corporation to get itself back on track with the release of the LG G5. Whether the early reports about this device landing this year will turn out to be accurate remains to be seen, but regardless of the validity of this suggestion it is certain that the LG G5 will be an extremely important release for the company.

LG G5 – design

The first aspect of the smartphone that LG should look to improve significantly is its physical build and construction. The LG G4 is based on a largely plastic visage, and while this was fine in the affordable marketplace in the past, it no longer really cuts it. LG should have paid heed to the experience of Samsung, which saw its Galaxy S5 device receive a relatively poor critical and commercial reception owing to his plasticky feel and construction.

Thus, the number one priority for the LG G5 should be to incorporate a design which is primarily constructed of glass and metal. This will bring the phone up-to-date with its peers and rivals, and would almost certainly ensure a much stronger critical and commercial reaction.

LG G5 – models

The old LG series certainly has its fair share of fans, even if it does struggle to pull its weight against the almighty Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series. But one area where it has perhaps overlooked regular customers of the smartphone is with regard to the models that the company makes available.

Fans of the LG G4 have bemoaned the fact that there isn’t a more compact version of the smartphone available. Apple seems to have wised up to this concept recently, with reports frequently suggesting lately that the consumer electronics giant will release an iPhone with a 4-inch screen in the near future. A hand-friendly LG G5 would make perfect sense, particularly as the company is usually going after the affordable end of the marketplace.

And in 2015 there is no reason that a mini version of the LG G5 should mean sub-standard displays and below-par performance.

LG G5 – improved security

Security is becoming an increasingly important aspect of contemporary smartphones, and LG could do with stepping up this element after LG G5. In particular, fingerprint scanning for security and authorization, instead of the limited and updated method of punching in touch-screen passwords, would be extremely welcome.

LG G5 – stereo speakers

Apple has recently acknowledged the importance of music to the smartphone genre by putting its Beats Music acquisition at the centre of iOS 9, at least according to reports on this forthcoming operating system. This is one area where the LG G4 doesn’t perform particularly well, owing to some rather mediocre speakers.

Luckily, there is plenty of space on the LG G handset range to include some meatier stereo speakers. This would doubtless go down well with music loving fans of the LG G series, and could also attract new consumers to this smartphone range.

LG G5 – waterproofing

Finally, Apple is apparently intending to make the iPhone 7 significantly waterproof, both with the intention of making it a better health-related companion, and also just easier to utilize in rainy conditions. This is another area where LG could learn from the market-leading mobile manufacturer, and including a water and dust resistant feature with the LG G5 would be hugely welcomed.

If LG could build on its already sound foundations, offer some of the ideas outlined in this article, and ramp up the specifications of the device, it could have a real winner on its hands. It certainly seems in the ever-competitive contemporary smartphone marketplace that it is essential for the Korean company to pull out all of the stops when the LG G5 is released.


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