LG G5 To Include Iris Scanning [REPORT]

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With the LG G4 having been released recently, attention is already shifting to the next generation LG G5, with new rumors emerging recently. Although this may seem a little premature with the previous generation of the LG G series only just out of the box in relative terms, it is possible that the LG G5 will in fact launch before the end of the year. This may be an unlikely prospect, but reports have already suggested that sub-par sales of the flagship device will force LG to update the range before the end of 2015.

LG G5 and iris scanning technology

Regardless of the validity of this suggestion, what can be said is that speculation is already circulating about the next device release from LG. And it seems that the LG G5 will include iris scanning technology, as the mobile sector continues its quest to make the technology it manufactures safer and more secure for users.

According to reports emanating from LG’s native South Korea, the electronics manufacturer will release its next flagship smartphone with iris and retina scanning security capabilities. This has been picked up by the publication Digital Trends, which indicates that the high-tech retinal scanning technology included in the LG G5 will render the fingerprint scanner included in the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone range somewhat out of date.

This is a particularly timely rumor from an LG perspective, as the mobile payment marketplace is set to increase significantly with the recent announcement of Android Pay. With Google having unveiled its proprietary mobile payment system, and Apple Pay and Samsung Pay already common knowledge, it is expected that this potentially fertile niche will develop significantly over the next couple of years.


With LG looking to provide cutting edge technology to layer an extra level of security over its smartphone platform, the corporation demonstrated the technology recently in Korea. The smartphone retina scanner on display operates from the front camera of the purported LG G5, and effectively serves a dual purpose. The technology will firstly scan the iris of the owner, and then compare it with biometric data which is stored and maintained by the source by biometrics tech company, Irience, which LG has partnered with in recent years.

Although it is very early days for this technology, this embryonic retina scanning demo was successful enough with observers that LG was able to develop a partnership with the Industrial Bank of Korea. The two companies have signed a formal agreement which states that they will work collaboratively to further develop the technology in the future.

With work now beginning in earnest on the next generation LG G5, the Korean corporation is already working closely with Irience to integrate this technology into the flagship smartphone. According to reports, LG is working on enhancing the algorithms included in the handset in order to improve the retinal recognition range of the device by two-thirds; from 30 cm to half a meter.

It is purported that if the system is successfully implemented that it will be possible for LG G5 owners to unlock the phone securely with merely a glance in the direction of the device. The iris scanning technology that the Korean company is working on is considered to be significantly more advanced than facial recognition, and will pose a challenge to Apple and Samsung in particular.

Other improvements

The LG G3 was a tremendously well-received handset last year, and some assessments of the year’s mobiles considered it to be superior to the Apple iPhone and, in fact, the standout device of 2014. According to the LG following media, the LG G5 will be a significant update from the LG G4, which also received critical praise when it was first launched in South Korea. Thus, we can expect memory, durability, power, speed and security updates when the LG G5 hits the stores, which despite some media reports to the contrary is likely to be at some point during 2016.

One of the main improvements which has been suggested for this next generation smartphone is a 4K resolution display. Numerous smartphones have been the linked with 4K technology in recent months, but we have yet to see the first mass-market 4K resolution handset appear in the stores. It could be that there will be a race between Samsung and LG to achieve this first, with the Galaxy range also an obvious candidate for 4K resolution. On the other hand, Samsung may decide to include this technology in the Galaxy Note 5 later this year, effectively ending the race before it begins.

Other improvements in the LG G5 will include a 20-megapixel rear camera, the ability to take three-dimensional photographs, a true octa-core processor, and inbuilt wireless charging technology. A Q2 2016 release seems most likely for this device, which now appears likely to include iris scanning technology.

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