How To Legally Scam The Welfare System [PODCAST]

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How To Legally Scam The Welfare System [PODCAST] – I like these NPR podcasts but this is a really interesting one in particular. Sidenote, this lady is not fully taking advantage of the system. I know people who make more but fall in the poverty line and literally get everything for free – housing (although that one takes years to get on HUD), Medicaid (also at least in NY state co-pays are literally zero for everything), WIC, Foodstamps etc. I have a close friend with several kids and his only expense is gas.

Anyway, this episode notes:

Edith gets credit cards with teaser zero-percent interest rates, but transfers her balance before the rate goes up. She signs up for store cards to get discounts, and then pays off her bill on time. She gets food stamps and lives in subsidized housing.

She may be the single most successful and productive beneficiary of government assistance you’ll ever meet.

Check out the podcast below.

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