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LAX: Ex-NSA Chief Michael Hayden Shot Dead: News Is A Hoax [UPDATED]

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Update 13:04 EST: The news that ex NSA Chief Michael Hayden  was shot during the course of the incident at LAX appears to have been a hoax. The Globe and Mail have retracted their story, but have not given any reason for their original mention of Hayden’s death. The news source never provided a source for the news, and some on twitter claimed that it emanated from a fake Twitter account.

The Globe and Mail has revealed that one of the people shot in today’s incident at Los Angeles International Airport was the former head of the National Security Agency Michael Hayden. There has been no independent verification of the report and no US government source or source from inside the National Security Agency has confirmed the report.

LAX: Ex-NSA Chief Michael Hayden Shot Dead: News Is A Hoax [UPDATED]

The Globe and Mail sources LAPD with the news that Ex-NSA Chief Michael Hayden was shot dead during the Terminal 3 shooting. A single gunman with a high powered rifle was blamed for the shooting. A christian group claimed responsibility for the shooting on its web site.

A TSA Employee was also shot at LAX, but it is unclear whether or not the shooting was targeted at the Ex-Head of the NSA. When additional information becomes available or a reliable source verifies the death of Mr. Hayden at LAX, we will update this story.

The Los Angeles Times reported this afternoon that the shooter involved int eh shooting at LAX was in custody. The newspaper was offering up to the minute coverage of the shooting, but it had no information about the state of Michael Hayden at time of writing. According to the news source at least through people were wounded in the course of the incident.

LAX shooting

According to coverage from the Los Angeles Times police have not found any suspects in the case apart from the one they already have in custody. No deaths have been confirmed from the shooting, and one eyewitness account suggested that one of the TSA agents injured in the course of the incident had been shot in the leg, and was able to talk while being transported.

Planes at LAX have been grounded, and there has been no confirmation about the state of airport traffic in the wake of the shut down. It is not clear when planes will be allowed to land at LAX again, or what alternative airports are available. When more information about the attack, and the rumored death of Michael Hayden, become available we will update this story with the specifics.

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