Kodi To Become Fully Compatible For Xbox One As Universal Windows Platform App

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It seems as though almost everyday the popular media center software Kodi is in the news, with today being no different. However, today there’s no mention of law enforcement or copyrights infringement! Instead, today’s news centers around Microsoft‘s Universal Windows Platform and more specifically the Xbox One. What is this news? Put simply; the much-loved software is officially making its way to Xbox!

Kodi Success on Windows Store

If you didn’t know this already, Kodi has been available on the Windows Store for some time. And it appears that it has performed well. So well in fact, that the move to full UWP-compatibility has agreed upon.

Just in the past few days at Microsoft’s Windows Developer event for creators, The company announced that Kodi’s developers would start work on making it UWP compatible. What this means is an app will be created, and it will work on the Xbox One and One S. However, that’s not all! Once the app is working it will be available on the Windows Store and will run on all Microsoft platforms.

Home Coming

As for why this is a big deal for the Kodi team and its long-term fans? The software started out as the Xbox Media Centre for the very first Xbox. It didn’t come pre-installed. Instead, you had almost to jailbreak the console and then install it.

Since then, the software has come on leaps and bounds; it’s had a name change and become a popular media center platform. One which is available on all most every device we can think of. So, the news Kodi is coming home is exciting for Xbox fans who want a legal version to install.

When will it Happen?

Unfortunately, there has been no word as to when. It seems that both Microsoft and the Kodi team are keeping quiet on the matter. However, it is likely that some early stage work has been undertaken. Work which will give fans some idea when it will be ready for Microsoft’s Platforms.

Now, when we say Microsoft’s Platforms, we mean them all! Even Windows 10 Mobile is said to be part of this, so you can imagine how excited people are! In fact, the main excitement comes from not having to install Kodi the hard way onto an Xbox. Having the legit version will just take away the pain, especially if it’s not hobbled in any way.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned previously, Kodi is a very popular media center software. So, much so, that it’s developers are always looking to improve upon it. If you missed the recent news, the developers will Honor Carrie Fisher with a release named Leia. And finally, the very latest version called Krypton is ready for download and installation now!

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