Kodi 18 Windows 64-Bit Available To Download

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Good news, Kodi 18, the 64-bit version for Windows is available to download now as a preview build. This is seriously good news for Windows Kodi users, who have until know been stuck using a 32-bit system. As for what this means, it will further cement the once Xbox media center as the go to media management software.

Kodi 18 – What You Need To Know

If you’re not all that familiar with Kodi, you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. Well, to start with, compared to other free media management software’s Kodi 18, will come with lots of features not found on others. Plus, it almost endlessly customizable, thanks to new add-ons and functionalities being added all the time.

As for why Windows Kodi users have had to wait for so long for a 64-bit update, that has to do with code. Well, more specifically to do with the code from the original Xbox. The code has been unconstraining for the team of developers in regards to Android, MacOS, and Linux. However, they have had their hands tied with Windows. Many of the team have spent years unpicking messy lines of code, from Kodi, which have been holding it back on Windows.

Finally, however, after years of patience, users who want a 64-bit version of Kodi 18 can get one. Well, that is a nightly development release of it; however, it can be downloaded and used straight away.

Speaking about the matter via Kodi.tv, the team said,

“Since we originated on the XBOX, we had a lot of Windows related legacy code which wasn’t on other platforms. The code was scattered everywhere and tied together in impossible ways. Slowly we have cleaned up our system and the core code that made it possible to have a 64-bit version. Over time other platforms did add 64-bit support as the way we build them is different. Their main advantage point was how external libraries are built as it’s as easy as setting compile to 64-bit. On Windows, however, we had to rely on external library teams to provide 64-bit versions, and sadly almost none were available.”

A 64-Bit Future

As for what the future holds for Kodi 18, and beyond, this latest version for Windows represents an untangling of the legacy code. A code which ultimately enabled Kodi to exist in the first place, but, which has also held in back in many respects. This new development will now allow the XBMC Foundation to look forward to the future. The aim is to move towards real 64-bit software support across the board, on all platforms.

As for what the benefits of 64-bit for Kodi 18 are, there are many, although the team have pointed to new video formats, and increased support for FFmpeg. Which is apparently, the core of the media management software’s video and audio playback system.

For those of you, who want to try this new version, be warned that it’s not the complete version. So, it’s likely that you may encounter some instability. Additionally, not all of the available add-ons for Kodi are compatible right now, as are some packages and other items. If the thought of running into instability, and compatibility issues has you concerned, stick with the 32-bit version.

Kodi 18 download link

However, if that does not scare you away, Kodi 18 download link here. If you run into trouble, Kodi 18 is easy to uninstall, just remember, let us know how you get on.

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