Kimmel Trolls Trump On Twitter By Live-Tweeting From The Oscars Stage

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President Trump was trolled on Twitter from the Oscars stage. Host Jimmy Kimmel, who was trying to begin a war of words with Trump, posted live tweets directed at the President.

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Twitter used to troll the President

Kimmel told the audience at the Academy Awards on Sunday, “You know we’re more than two hours into the show, and Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted at us once. I’m starting to get worried about him.”

An image of Kimmel’s phone was then showed on the large screens, where he was seen crafting a tweet directed at Trump.

Another image showed another tweet, which read, ‘#Merylsayshi.” It seemed as if this message was in reference to a feud between Trump and actress Meryl Streep, who criticized Trump at the Golden Globes last month, according to The Hill. Kimmel has nearly 9 million followers on Twitter.

There was no response from Trump, but former campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson did hit back.

“Trump is busy meeting w/governors of the nation. You know, people that actually get things done, not just pretend to in costume,” she tweeted.

Trump hosted 46 governors for a ball at the White House on Sunday evening.

Trump, who frequently uses Twitter, is referred to as an annual viewer of the Oscars. He even offered to host the ceremony and live-tweeted his reactions one year, notes The Hill.

Kimmel’s best tweet so far

Kimmel targeted the President in a politically-charged opening monologue in which he directly referred to the President as a “racist.”

“I want to say, ‘Thank you, President Trump,'” he said. “I mean, remember last year when it seemed like the Oscars were racist?”

This was in reference to the #OscarsSoWhite controversy that marred the awards last year.

According to Reuters, Kimmel even jokingly demanded that a few journalists at the event must leave, saying, “We have no tolerance for fake news. Fake tans we love.”

This was inspired by Trump’s confrontations with the White House press corps. In just 15 minutes, the tweet received more than 164,000 retweets, making it his most retweeted tweet in under 15 minutes ever. Kimmel’s tweet, however, still has a long way to match the 3.2 million retweets of Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie.

Kimmel used a Samsung phone for the tweets. This was a bit surprising, but it made sense, as the Korean firm regularly sponsors the Academy Awards, notes The Verge. Prior to the Oscars, Kimmel has twice hosted television’s Primetime Emmy Awards.

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