Justin Halverson: Are you investing or gambling?

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Retirees or those nearing retirement have always been concerned about what to do with their money. Retirement is a risky phase financially because it leaves you with little to no room to recover, especially in a significant market downturn. In this episode, financial adviser Justin Halverson talks about his approach to retirement planning. He also discusses the risks and opportunities you should consider in your investments.

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This episode will help people who are in or near retirement to make the right financial decisions. Tune in to learn more about retirement planning!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover a holistic and comprehensive approach to wealth
  2. Effective strategies you can try to cope with a market
  3. Learn how you can put your money to good use during


Episode Highlights

Justin Halverson’s Journey to Finance and Investing

  • Justin Halverson left Wisconsin to pursue his studies in
  • He has been in finance for most of his adult
  • He has been in the financial advising business for more than 10 years
  • His bad financial choices made him realize the value of having someone who can coach you

Justin Halverson’s Great Waters Financial

  • Justin Halverson is a founding partner of Great Waters He, along with four others, started this advising business.
  • Their mission is to inspire and empower people to live great lives, especially in retirement.
  • People are often scared to spend their own money in The goal is to give them the confidence to live life on their terms.
  • Right now, Great Waters Financial is the fastest growing financial firm in They have five offices and are serving over 2,000 households.

Justin Halverson’s Approach to Retirement Planning and Investments

  • You need a comprehensive and holistic approach to wealth
  • His approaches to investment include building model portfolios, customizing platforms, and using other diversified
  • On the planning side, the most significant component is the income It focuses on how to give clients the confidence that they are not going to run out of money.
  • Retirement planning requires income You also need to consider social security and pension options.
  • Taxes are one of the biggest challenges for

Helping Clients Deal with Extreme Market Volatility

  • Emotions are real when it comes to When we fail to deal with our emotions, we end up buying high but selling low.
  • The solution is to have a plan in place before it
  • Justin assures his clients that the plan is going to be The market will recover.
  • He helps them look for opportunities such as deploying excess cash and

Best Time for Margin Investing

  • You can afford more risks when you are
  • If you are gambling with money you can afford to lose, then age will not
  • Identify a risk-and-reward situation you are comfortable

Biggest Misconception with Retirement Planning

  • The biggest misconception with retirement planning is the thinking that it is just a matter of
  • Timing the market does not
  • You have to stay You should stick and adhere to a true asset allocation.

Justin’s Favorite Books

Closing Thoughts

  • If you have a plan in place, stick to that If you don’t have a plan, get one in place.
  • Find a fiduciary that you can Find a planner that has your best interest in mind.
  • There are real opportunities that exist
  • Use this forced slowdown to reevaluate your values and priorities
  • Enjoy your time with your family and loved

5 Powerful Quotes from Justin Halverson

“Don’t get yourself in a position where you’re gambling and not actually investing and doing things strategically.”

“Stay the course. Make good decisions along the way. Don’t let your emotions cause you to get too excited when things are good and too nervous when things are bad.”

“When times get tough, we will band together. We will work together to get out of it.”

“Spend some time investing in your relationships, which I would say are your most valuable assets.”

“Get refocused on what’s most important to you so that, when we do get back up and running like we will, maybe you’ll do it with a different perspective.”

About Justin

Justine Halverson is a founding partner and lead advisor of Great Waters Financial. For most of his adult life, he has been working in the financial service industry. Justin specializes in retirement planning. His mission is to inspire and empower people to live great lives.

You may reach him through LinkedIn or Great Waters Financial’s website.

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