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If this is not your first time visiting the website you know I have resource pages devoted to famous value investors. Some of them I have not have a chance to completely finish  yet. However, when I will eventually finish the entire section. I work on it when I have free time.

I am happy to say that I have nearly completely the John Templeton resource page. It is not 100% done, but it is 90% done. I think all the readers should check it out as it has some valuable lessons from John Templeton.

Here is a brief quote from the resource page:

John Templeton’s Investment Philosophy:

When thinking of John Templeton’s investment philosophy two thoughts really come to mind: Cheap and global.

First let’s start off with cheap. In one of Templeton’s most famous transactions Templeton made a daring move in 1939. At the start of WWII Templeton called his broker and asked him to buy 100 shares of every stock trading under a dollar. He bought a total of 104 companies for a little over $10,000. Four years later he sold this portfolio for $40,000. Templeton like a typical value oriented investors always thought the best time to buy was when people were scared and stocks were on sale.Templeton did not limit his investments to a certain market capitalization. Many times he would purchase shares in tiny companies that his clients never heard of.

Here is the direct link to the resource page

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