Jet White iPhone 7 Could Hit The Shelves For Christmas

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Right now there are five colors available for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but could Apple be about to surprise everyone with the release of a Jet White iPhone 7 in time for Christmas? Let’s have a look at this rumor and try to establish if there’s any validity to it.

Jet White iPhone 7 and 7 Plus?

According to the Japanese tech site Macotakara, Apple may have plans to launch a Jet White iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in time for the Christmas holiday season. However, it does point out that the information provided may be of low credibility.

Apparently this information came directly from an Apple supplier. Which supplier and the name of the leaker have not been given. However, since Apple is seeing falling iPhone sales worldwide, it could be true.

Jet Black success

Could Apple be clutching at straws? Could it be looking for a way to claw back any potential lost sales? Let’s have a look at a few reasons why.

Apple has seen its revenue as a whole drop for the first time since as far back as 2001, and while the panic sets in, the blame can be firmly placed on lagging iPhone sales. In the fourth quarter of 2015, iPhone sales reached 48 million worldwide. This year, however, this figure has dropped by 2.5 million to 45.5 million.

Fortunately, this number only accounts for about two weeks of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus sales, for which the Jet Black model has been an apparent success in terms of the number of devices sold. Tim Cook has gone on record as even suggesting that the iPhone 7 is the company’s most successful iPhone yet. However, he has to say that; he’s paid to be positive.

Jet White Christmas

Let’s say, for instance, that this supplier-started rumor is true. It would be the first time that Apple has added a new color to an existing lineup. That is, if you discount the white iPhone 4, which was released nine months after the original. The only difference to then and now is that the white variant was announced when the handset first launched; it just took a long time to get to market.

As for a Jet White iPhone 7, we believe it’s highly unlikely to materialize. There are a couple reasons, such as Apple beginning to gear up its production of the iPhone 8 and the fact that it probably doesn’t want to alienate those customers who did not have a Jet White iPhone to choose from when they upgraded.

However, these may not be compelling enough arguments for a company who looks after profits first and customers second. The fact that sales are down may force it to try to replicate the success of the Jet Black handset.

For now and unless Apple says something different, we’d say this is a rumor worth keeping an eye on. But it’s something that would be so unprecedented considering it is so close to Christmas that it’s highly unlikely to happen. As always,  we’ll keep our eyes and ears open for any information and keep you informed. If you have any information on this or have an opinion you’d wish to share, please comment below.

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