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Jelly Bean-Style Quick Settings Available For Older Android Versions

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If you’ve tried out an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean smartphone, then you know it offers a Quick Settings menu that allows you to access various settings from that menu. These settings provide quick access (or shortcuts) to various important options such as WiFi, Airplane mode, Bluetooth, GPS, Torch, NFC, Dim screen and more. But if your smartphone is running on an older version of Android, then you can add a similar setting  to it by using the QuickSettings app. This app is especially useful for those who are unable to upgrade their OS to the latest version from Android.

QuickSettings is in Beta stage right now, compatible with Android 2.3 and it offers power toggles, with a user interface just like Android 4.2. Once installed, you will need to tap on the icon to launch this app. You can create a shortcut to this app on your home screen for faster access.

Jelly Bean-Style Quick Settings Available For Older Android Versions

This app offers the following options:

  • Airplane
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Data
  • GPS
  • Sync
  • Rotation
  • Brightness
  • Torch
  • Ringer Mode
  • Settings
  • NFC
  • Kill Tasks
  • Dim Screen
  • Wake Lock
  • Configure

Many of these options enable or disable functionality instantly when you tap on them. Some of these toggles open a native menu; where you can configure that particular option, for example Settings, Mobile Data, etc. In this case, it offers shortcuts to where the option can be manually configured.

The advantage of using this application is that it offers shortcuts to various functionality in a single page, ensuring  you don’t have to hunt for these options everytime. Note that you will need to some grant rights to this app to make it function properly.

There’s also a Pro version available which can be purchased directly from the app, but it’s not clear what additional features the Pro version provides. If you’re thinking of a simple app that provides direct toggle ON/OFF for various functionality, then this app is for you.

Download QuickSettings from Google Play Store

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