Jack Schwager New Interview: Finding ‘Undiscovered Traders’

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New (April 8th 2014) Opalesque interview with Jack Schwager, check it out.

In this Opalesque.TV video interview, we interview bestselling author Jack Schwager on his most recent book, “The Little Book of Market Wizards: Lessons from the Greatest Traders” where Jack provides in a new format a concise summary of all key lessons he worked out in his four previous Market Wizard books about the world’s top financial traders, including Paul Tudor Jones, Bruce Kovner and Ray Dalio.

He discusses how many of these trading titans often faced early or even multiple failures, and how“Talent, Perseverance and Belief” helped keeping them on track to massive success. Schwager also points out the significance of risk management and having pre-defined exit points as critical elements of trading success.

You will hear about:
• How trading success can be applied to any field
• Early failure has led to success for many of the greatest traders
• The best investors prioritize risk management over trade entry
• Risk management lessons from investing legends like Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio
• Bruce Kovner: Pre-defined exit points are critical — the only time you have objectivity is before the trade
• Market Wizards Search: Some will stand out — finding the next top traders on Fundseeder.com

Video is embedded below (transcript from Opalesque TV)


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