Install iTransmission 5 Torrent Client On Your iOS 11 Device Without Jailbreaking

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Until an iOS 11 jailbreak comes along, you can’t enjoy the best jailbroken apps on your device, right? Wrong! Thanks to Cydia Impactor, you can install unsigned apps to your iOS 11 device. This gives you some of the freedom of jailbreaking without actually having to jailbreak your device – pretty handy for those using an iOS version that does not yet have a jailbreaking solution.

iTransmission 5 Torrent Client

If you were an avid user of iTransmission 5 then you may have been aware that, after updating to iOS 11, users were unable to use the app. However, a new version of iTransmission 5 is now available and it has been confirmed to work on iOS 11 when sideloaded with Cydia Impactor.

If you haven’t heard of iTransmission 5 then you may be missing out on one of the most popular jailbroken apps. It allows users to download torrents in the background directly to their iOS device. Obviously this app has a potential use for people who want to pirate copyrighted content which means you will never, ever see the app officially signed by Apple and available in the App Store. iTransmission 5 also provides a browser and push notifications for users who want to find and download torrents directly to their iOS device.

Apple signs apps to ensure two things… First, they want to make sure that the apps available in the App Store play within the rules that Apple has set. This would obviously exclude apps like iTransmission that are able to circumvent copyright rules. However, the other reason Apple will refuse to sign some apps is to maintain security for their users. This is the double edged sword when it comes to sideloading unsigned apps. Some apps may not have been signed because they don’t meet Apple’s rules while others could threaten your privacy or security. You will want to be careful before installing any apps using Cydia Impactor.

So, how can you install iTransmission 5 to your iOS 11 device? First, you need to download and install Cydia Impactor. This is the program created by the father of jailbreaking, Jay Freeman. You need this in order to sideload apps to your iOS 11 device without jailbreaking. Then you will want to download the latest IPA for iTransmission 5. Follow the instructions for using Cydia Impactor just like you would with any other IPA that you plan to sideload.

You can see why Apple doesn’t want to make it easy for users to install iTransmission 5. The features could conflict with Apple’s own business model which relies on the sale and rental of movies, tv shows, and music. However, that won’t stop some dedicated users. Have you tried making use of Cydia Impactor to install iTransmission 5 or any other unsigned app? Worth it or not? Let us know your thoughts below.

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