iSteve, The First Steve Jobs Film Is Released

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iSteve, Funny or Die’s 78-minute mock biopic was released yesterday on their website in its entirety. The “film” was originally scheduled for release on Monday but out of respect for the tragic attack in Boston, the producers felt it wise to wait until today. Having watch a large chunk of the film, I can comfortably say they could have waited, waited, and waited some more. It is, at its best, 78 minutes that will never be returned to you.

iSteve, The First Steve Jobs Film Is Released

It is a parody so it would be the acme of folly to point out the large number of inaccuracies that pepper this film. The script was written in three days and filmed in another five and quite simply it shows. Perhaps the one redeeming factor is the acting of Justin Long in his portrayal of Steve Jobs. Lost‘s Jorge Garcia acts as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

For the fanboys reading this, I know you’re going to watch it but really for anyone else this truly needs to be passed over as you wait for the other two films that will show the life of Bill Gates. Ashton Kutcher will be portraying Steve Jobs in jOBS, a film that was slated for release this month but pushed back in order to market it properly. West Wing creator and “The Social Network” writer Aaron Sorkin is also writing a screenplay based on the Jobs’ biography written by Walter Isaacson.

If I wasn’t clear enough wait for either of these films.

On a somewhat unrelated Steve Jobs note, David Greelish at Time Magazine published an interesting piece today comparing and contrasting Steve Jobs to Walt Disney. While well-written and well-researched it is a long piece that does not hide both the respect the author has for both individuals but their companies. Actually, it’s a bit overindulgent in its praise for both Apple, Jobs, Disney, and Disney. Nonetheless, it’s a ten minute read rather than 78 minutes of rubbish that can be perused here.

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