Is Zynga Losing Its Charm?

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Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA)’s biggest game Farmville 2 in March 2013 had more than 8 million daily active users and represented 2.73% of the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) app market, according to AppData. At that time,’s biggest game was Candy Crush Saga and it had approximately 21.5 million DAUs, representing a market share of 7.27%.

In a time span of one year, there have been drastic changes in the number of users for these two games, as well as their respective rankings.

Zynga losing users fast

FarmVille 2, which lost nearly four million DAUs, has fallen to number 20 from slot 4 over the one year time in AppData’s Power Ranking. The market share too has dropped to just 1.15%. On the other hand, Candy Crush has been successful in retaining its No. 1 spot capturing 15.77% of the market currently, and adding 35 million more DAUs, in the past one year.

King, the arch rival of Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA), has recently come up with an IPO. Its games are dominating the mobile platforms. In recent times, to keep the popularity of its games upbeat, and for maintaining a good position in the market, Zynga has come up with plans to launch mobile friendly versions of its 3 most popular games – FarmVille 2, Words with Friends and Zynga Poker.

Mobile Friendly Versions

The Farmville family’s mobile version is called Farmville 2: Country Escape. The game will be available for online playing and the player will be able to sync it with the achievements he/she made on the Facebook.

New Zynga Poker, the mobile version of Zynga’s Poker will be launched with some major graphics improvements, and it will be easier for the players to join tables with real-life friends.

Words with Friends’ mobile version will be launched with some additional exciting features. It is expected that this game will add more MAUs since it is way more mobile friendly as compared with other Zynga’s games.

It is expected that the mobile friendly versions of these three top games from Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) will help the game maker attract more players. Farmville, Farmville 2 and Zynga Poker accounted for about 60% of the company’s web revenue during the fourth quarter of 2013.

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