Is Russia Going To Become The Next Superpower?

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Last year, Russia annexed Crimea, and continues to back separatists in eastern Ukraine. In response, the Western countries imposed massive sanctions that pulled the Russian economy into recession. But sanctions have failed to deter Vladimir Putin. And now the Russian President has shifted his focus to Syria. Moscow has built up a massive military presence in Syria to save President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime.

Russia targets CIA-backed rebels in Syria

Russian forces have launched air strikes against rebels in Syria, killing at least 36 people on Thursday. Meanwhile, U.S. officials claimed that Russian airstrikes specifically targeted CIA-backed rebels who are fighting to overthrow Assad. Russia’s mere presence in Syria has pushed Washington on the back foot. First Ukraine, and now Syria.

Czech newspaper Parlamentnilisty said in a column that the U.S. has only brought chaos, lawlessness, and terrorism in Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan. European countries are fed up of the U.S. wrongdoings and want Russia to become the next world leader, says Sputnik News citing Parlamentnilisty. The White House has created a civil war and armed rebels in Syria, which has forced millions of civilians to seek refuge in Europe.

Russia taking the lead in the Middle-East

The U.S. foreign policy has destroyed nations, killed hundreds of thousands of innocents, and created chaos only in the name of U.S. economic and military interests. Despite all of its efforts failing in the last two decades, Washington has learned nothing. “Leadership has to be given to Russia,” reads the Czech newspaper. Putin understands that Europe cannot afford to keep taking refugees. He has demonstrated that he can engage with Israel and take into account the interests of Iraq and Iran.

If European countries keep backing the United States, nothing is going to stop refugees from keep flowing into Europe. Meanwhile, Russia is strengthening economic and military ties with China, another rival of the United States. In August, they held joint naval exercises in the Sea of Japan.


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