Is Fox Business Network Dethroning CNBC?

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Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs Tonight continues to beat CNBC’s The Kudlow Report for the third straight month in November. According to the latest Nielsen report for the business networks ratings, Dobbs pulled in 45,000 viewers in the demo (age group 25-54) compared to Kudlow’s 40,000 viewers – a 13 percent advantage for FBN in the 7 PM timeslot.

Is Fox Business Network Dethroning CNBC?

The 7 Pm show is crucial for television networks because it is the crucial link between the business shows of the day and primetime programs later in the evening. The report proves yet again that the 23-year old CNBC is slowly losing the market share to Fox Business Network, despite being a dominant player in financial media. Another cause of worry for CNBC is that almost all of its shows are down in the demo and in total viewers.

In September 2012, Lou Dobbs Tonight had 44,000 viewers in the demo group, 33 percent higher than The Kudlow Report’s 33,000 viewers. In the month of October, Dobbs pulled in 53,000 viewers compared to Kudlow’s 28,000 – an 89 percent lead. It remains to be seen whether the gains for Dobbs show translate to other FBN programs in its ratings race with CNBC.

In an attempt to improve its ratings, CNBC has decided to bring up seven primetime shows, including Franchised, Fake & Forgeries, American Steel, At Your Service, Outstanding, Venture Men, and Flipping Wars: Vegas.

“These projects are an extension of CNBC’s distinct brand, complete with bold characters, big stakes, and of course, one undeniable common denominator…money,” said Jim Ackerman, senior vice-president of Primetime Alternative Programming at CNBC.

To what extent these programs will help CNBC regain the ground is yet to be seen. However, with month after month of constant success by Fox Business Network over CNBC, we ask the question, is Fox Business Network Dethroning CNBC as the King of Business news?

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