iPhone X vs Galaxy S8 Plus: Big Displays, Little Bezels

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The iPhone X has finally arrived and now it’s time to compare the device against its biggest competitors to find the best device out there worthy of your hard earned money. With it’s new, bezel-less design; the iPhone X is a clear new path for Apple’s mobile lineup. However, many devices have already gone the bezel-less route including the LG G6, Galaxy Note 8, and the focus of this article: the Galaxy S8 Plus.

Two great devices with a whole lot of screen and not much bezel: it’s time to compare the iPhone X vs Galaxy S8 Plus!

iPhone X vs Galaxy S8 Plus specs sheet



The iPhone X is the first iPhone to sport an OLED display. This brings it into the same territory as the beautiful Galaxy S8 Plus display which, until recently, had been undeniably the best display on the market. Now, with the release of the iPhone X, does the Galaxy S8 Plus have to look over its shoulder? Both displays are beautiful – there is no denying that. In my opinion, the Galaxy S8 Plus still has a slight edge over the iPhone X. First, the Galaxy S8 Plus has a little more real estate. For some, this may not be a big deal. That display also has a slightly higher resolution over the iPhone X. Of course, most people won’t be able to notice such a small difference in resolution. My other reason for preferring the Galaxy S8 Plus display over the iPhone X is the notch on the iPhone X. I find the notch to be distracting and the “ears” on the iPhone X to look kind of gimmicky. Of course, that’s all personal preference. When it comes to the display portion of the iPhone X vs Galaxy S8 Plus battle: I give a slight nod to the Galaxy S8 Plus but the comparison is almost too close to call.


The iPhone X ships with Apple’s new A11 chip. According to benchmark scores, this new chip blows pretty much every other mobile chip out of the water. The Snapdragon 835 simply cannot keep up with Apple’s latest offering. In fact, even the A10X chip in the iPad Pro lags behind the A11. Basically, what I’m trying to say is: the A11 chip is a total beast. The Galaxy S8 Plus has more RAM than the iPhone but Apple often has much better optimization thanks to their in-house hardware and software design. 1GB of RAM in this case won’t make up the difference created by the power of the A11 chip. This iPhone X vs Galaxy S8 Plus comparison section goes in favor of the iPhone X.


If snapping nice pictures is your main concern then you really can’t go wrong with either device. With that said; the iPhone X has pretty much set itself up as the standard for smartphone cameras to aspire to. With a dual 12-megapixel sensor, the iPhone X camera will offer much better low-light photography when compared with the Galaxy S8 Plus single camera sensor. With the iPhone X, you can also shoot 4K video at 60fps which is a huge feat for a smartphone. On the front of the device, the iPhone X also sports an infrared camera which tracks the user’s face and introduces us to the FaceID feature. This feature can unlock the iPhone X and basically replaces all the functionality of TouchID which has been removed from the iPhone X. When comparing cameras for the iPhone X vs Galaxy S8 Plus battle the choice is clear: iPhone X wins this round.


The iPhone X is a premium device with a premium price tag. The new flagship from Apple comes in at a hefty $999 to start. If you want more storage you can expect to increase the price from there. The Galaxy S8 Plus is now several months old and prices have begun to drop. In the chart above, the price is listed at $825. It shouldn’t be hard to find a better deal than that at this point in the lifecycle of the Galaxy S8 Plus. Realistically, you could save up to $300 by choosing a Galaxy S8 Plus over the iPhone X. Of course, comparing a brand new flagship with a device that’s halfway through its life isn’t exactly fair. Still, the Galaxy S8 Plus is the clear winner when it comes to price.

Final Thoughts

There are a few other considerations when choosing between these devices. First is the operating system. I love Android and I am not afraid to admit that. With that said, Apple has a much better history of offering updates to their older products. Also, the iPhone X does not have a fingerprint sensor and the Galaxy S8 Plus has a fingerprint sensor that was placed in the worst spot possible. Neither one should be proud of what they have done to fingerprint sensors but, in my opinion, having one is better than not having one. And finally; The iPhone X has finally brought wireless charging to the Apple lineup. The Galaxy S8 Plus also has wireless charging which, until just a few days ago, was a big advantage it had over its Apple competitors.

My final verdict? Comparing these two devices isn’t really fair. One is a brand new flagship device and the other is in a mid-life crisis. If money were no obstacle then I would choose the iPhone X. However, if money is a concern, shop around for a deal on a Galaxy S8 Plus and enjoy the extra few hundred dollars in your bank account.

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