iPhone X Launch Surpasses iPhone 7 Plus And iPhone 8 Sales

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The iPhone X is the latest and greatest from Apple, and it has definitely struck a chord with consumers. With incredible power, innovative face recognition technology, and Apple’s signature aesthetic, it’s quickly become the phone that all others are measured against. Critical reception has been overall positive, and sales reports seem to show that customers agree. The iPhone X sales have surpassed the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 sales, as early adopters scramble to get their hands on the newest iOS flagship.

iPhone X Early Adoption

According to a study by IHS Markit, the iPhone X already accounts for over 2% of the iPhone product family in terms of usage, just three weeks after its release on November 3rd. Countries with the highest rate of adoption are those with a high GDP per person, such as Singapore, Denmark, Switzerland, and Japan.

Countries where Apple’s “Plus” models have sold well have taken to the iPhone X, as these consumers value a bigger display and dual-lens camera technology. Production constraints seem to have had little effect on the amount of people upgrading to the iPhone X, with rates said to be “very similar” to previous generation launches.

Big Success for Apple

The incredible success of the iPhone X puts Apple on track for the best yearly profit for the iPhone family since the company’s first phone release. In the fourth quarter of 2017, IHS Markit estimates that the company will ship 88.8 million smartphones — the highest number of iPhones ever sold in a single quarter. This massive amount of sales will cause the Average Selling Price of the iPhone to exceed $700 for the first time in history.

Launches of Apple’s new flagships have historically been plagued with product scarcity. Although some speculate that the company is artificially controlling the supply to increased demand, it seems more likely that Apple is truly struggling to produce phones fast enough. Fortunately, it seems like any shipping issues with the iPhone X have largely been resolved. Buyers in the US that order an iPhone X can expect the phone to arrive in less than a week.

This ramped up production helps get the iPhone X into the phone of more and more users, which sets Apple on a path for continued success. The iPhone X is the phone to beat, and so far competitors are struggling to keep up. With the unprecedented sales of their newest flagship, it seems as if the company’s growth shows no sign of slowing down.

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