Possible iPhone X Price Cut In 2018 [RUMOR]

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The iPhone X is the hottest phone of the season, and one of the fastest selling handsets that Apple has ever produced. Despite the fast sales, it’s a fact that the phone is prohibitively expensive. With a price of around $1000, it’s definitely a big blow to the wallet for the average customer. While the trend in the US is to pay for a phone over time alongside a mobile service plan, there are still some who would like to purchase their phones outright and skip the higher monthly bill. A recent rumor suggests that Apple may be revealing an iPhone X price cut in 2018, so if you can manage to hold off for a couple of months, you may get your hand on Apple’s latest flagships for at least a little bit cheaper than the current exorbitant price.

iPhone X Price Cut

Despite major sales in the United States, the Apple’s latest flagship isn’t selling quite as quickly as the company would like in countries like China. As mentioned above, users in many western countries tend to pay for their phones over time, which makes a $1000 iPhone X price tag a little bit more palatable. This payment plan isn’t the norm in Asian countries, however, which makes luxury phones like the iPhone X less accessible to the average smartphone users. Add in situations like the recent tax hike in India for foreign phones, and it’s easy to see that Apple’s phones could quickly become a luxury reserved for only the richest in Asia.

While the iPhone has always been a sort of status symbol due to the fashionable design and association with luxury, the fact is that Apple wants to move as many phones as they can to maximize profits. In countries like China, a $1000 price tag isn’t reasonable for the majority of users, and news of an iPhone X price cut may serve to address these concerns.

An iPhone X price cut would go a long way towards moving greater numbers of phones in Asian markets that are traditionally dominated by Android. With billions of smartphone users across Asia, it’s in Apple’s best interests to go for an iPhone X price cut. While they would make less per phone, the increased volume of sales would more than make up for pocketing a little less from each device.

Digitimes Report

This most recent report comes from Digitimes, and states that iPhone X shipments are expected to reach somewhere between 30 and 35 million units within the first quarter of the year. While this is a large number, sales are already dropping off and continue to be lackluster in Asian markets. Digitimes speculates that the low sales are due to Apple’s decision to release three successors to the iPhone X next year that will all take advantage of the Face ID technology.

The main takeaway of the report is that the company plans for an iPhone X price cut in early 2018, hoping to bolster sales worldwide and increase shipments moving into the upcoming year. It’s easy to see why Chinese consumers may want to hold off on Apple’s latest flagship with news of upgraded phones coming sooner rather than later, but hopefully an iPhone X price cut will be enticing enough to get the new iPhone into the hands of more Asian consumers.

Apple has rewarded early adopters of previous models with a store credit after changing the price. There’s no word on whether the iPhone X price cut will come with some sort of restitution for those who paid the full $1000 price tag, but Apple may have a bunch of angry customers on the hand if the price drop is significant.

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