iPhone X Plus Renders Shown Alongside New Report

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The iPhone X may not even be available for pre-sale but that hasn’t stopped iDropNews from sharing new iPhone X Plus renders as new reports indicate Apple may be releasing a larger version of the bezel-less device sometime next year. Of course, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are already out and available to buy but everyone has their eyes on Apple’s all new design: the iPhone X. The device features a bezel-less OLED display, FaceID, no home button, and an AR-friendly dual sensor camera. Plus, inside is a blazing fast A11 chipset. And, as tech rumors go, people are already looking ahead to the next version of the iPhone X before the first one is even in the hands of Apple fans.

The Korea Herald is reporting that Apple is already planning to release a bigger version of the iPhone X next year. This is likely to compete with the Galaxy Note 8 and the larger size factor that seems to be appreciated by many smartphone users. Alongside this new report, we also have iPhone X Plus renders from iDropNews that show what the larger device may look like next to its smaller sibling. If the reports are true then it would seem Apple wants to add a 6.46-inch display model alongside the existing iPhone X form factor.

iPhone X Plus Renders

This would make a lot of sense for Apple. The release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus this year felt very underwhelming next to the all new iPhone X design. It would seem consumers agree. We saw a lot of signs that the iPhone 8 hype simply wasn’t there on release day. Short lines outside of Apple stores and readily available inventory would seem to back up our feeling of a lack of hype for the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. People really want the iPhone X. Of course, if the rumors of supply issues are true, it may be very hard to get your hands on an iPhone X on release day next month.

iPhone X Plus Renders

If the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus sales numbers are underwhelming then the market seems to have spoken about Apple’s lineup. People want the hottest, newest device even if it does cost them $999. That means the smartest way forward for Apple would be to go with the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus design. Obviously a larger display would help replace the loss of an iPhone 8 Plus-style model.

Apple may have been playing things safe but it’s probably pretty clear to them by now whether the iPhone X will be a hit or not. If the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus sales have been slow then clearly people are either moving away from Apple entirely (unlikely) or waiting for the best product Apple has to offer (the iPhone X). With the sales numbers starting to roll in, Apple can throw their weight behind the iPhone X design and start planning for next year’s launch which will likely include a bigger iPhone X Plus to appease those who love a large display.

iPhone X Plus Renders

The Korean Herald is also reporting that Apple has already signed an agreement with Samsung, the makers of the OLED display in the iPhone X, to secure 180 million displays for their next launch. This would mean that Apple is ready to start getting things ready for next year and hopefully avoid the rumored supply issues facing the iPhone X this year. Still, we are a long way away from a new iPhone X Plus. We haven’t even seen the first iPhone X out in retail stores yet! Until next year, all we have are iPhone X Plus renders and rumors.

What do you think about these iPhone X Plus renders? Would you be swayed to pick one up if Apple introduced a larger display size or do you prefer the smaller form factor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Image source: iDropNews

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