iPhone X Or iPhone 10: What Are We Supposed To Call It?

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After a summer full of leaks, rumors, and excitement.. The iPhone X is finally here in all of its bezel-less glory! This was the worst kept secret in the tech world. Apple had a variety of leaks come from their own offices that gave us a very good idea of what to expect with the iPhone X. First, there was the HomePod firmware leak. Then, just this past weekend, we got the iOS 11 GM leak. The iPhone X reveal was a little bit like opening the Christmas presents you saw hidden in your parent’s closet back in November. Still, it was nice to see the device officially launched and get some confirmation about the features included. However, there was still one pressing question… Do we call it the iPhone X or the iPhone 10?

The “X” in iPhone X is a little ambiguous. Of course, X is a letter in the English alphabet and we all learn it pretty much around day 1 at school. But, in Roman numerals, X also represents the number “ten.” And, this is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone so there’s some connection there.

So… is it iPhone X or iPhone 10? Well, Tim Cook called it iPhone 10 and he’s probably the best source you will find on the matter so I guess iPhone 10 it is!

Not so fast, though… Sure, Tim Cook called it the iPhone 10 and the advertisements will probably all call it the iPhone 10 but will the public follow along? Remember that Mac OSX is technically called OS 10 but pretty much everyone calls it OSX (as in the letter, not the number). Apple can all the new iPhone the iPhone 10 all they want but if everyone and their dog calls it the iPhone X (again, the letter and not the number) then that might just be the name that sticks.

There’s also the obvious issue of what happens a few years down the road when Apple’s numbered devices finally reach 10. This year, Apple also introduced the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus while noticeably skipping the “S” generation. We could be at the iPhone 10 in just a couple of years. Then what?! It will chaos! Madness! Dogs will meow and cats will bark!

Presumably, Apple has already considered what they will do when that time comes. It’s nothing a big marketing budget can’t overcome. Still, you have to wonder why they didn’t just add the X to the end of the numbered name and save everyone a lot of confusion and debate. For example, we could have had the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8X. Isn’t that nice and clean? Of course, I’m not paid the big bucks to do marketing for Apple. I just sit back from the comfort of my own home and question every decision they make.

Whether you want to call it iPhone X or iPhone 10, just don’t call it cheap! The iPhone X is coming in November at a hefty price tag of $999. For my fellow Canadians, the cost will be $1319 because apparently currency conversions mean nothing anymore.

Will you call it the iPhone X or iPhone 10? Apple has made it clear what they think it should be called but consumers might call it by its letter name rather than its Roman numeral name. I personally think iPhone X sounds better than iPhone 10. It sounds like an iPhone that snowboards and stays out late. The iPhone X is the bad boy that every girl wants and the iPhone 10 is the iPhone that follows the rules. It really just begs the question: what’s in a name?

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