Hardware Problem: iPhone X Displays Green Line On Screen

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Keen followers of Apple will have noted an iPhone X green line issue appearing recently. This is the first major problem that Apple has encountered since the premium smartphone was released, and represents a troubling problem for the corporation to deal with.

iPhone X Green Line

Green line problem

Already around 20 customers have shared photographs of the iPhone X green line issue, which results in a bright area of discoloration appearing, usually down the entire right-hand side of the smartphone. This would be annoying for any mobile release, but it will be particularly worrying for Apple considering it is occurring with the premium iPhone X, which is been such a critical success for the company.

With the first raft of reviews in for the iPhone X, the response from the critical community has been extremely strong. So the last thing that Apple needs at this juncture is this iPhone X green light issue to overshadow what has been an outstanding release. Yet reports of the potential hardware defect have appeared regularly across the Apple Support Communities and Twitter over the last few days.

It seems that the iPhone X green line issue develops after a certain period of time, as none of those that have reported this difficulty initially experienced problems. It seems that the problem develops almost spontaneously after a spell of normal usage.

No restart solution

Many reports on the iPhone X green line issue suggest that restarting or even completely restoring the device doesn’t remove the problem. While most people who have encountered this difficulty have seen the green light running alongside the right or left-hand side of the display, it can also appear elsewhere on the screen as well.

Early indications are that the problem isn’t specific to a particular iPhone X model or location, with reports coming in from all over the world, and in both 64 and 256GB configurations. As would be expected, the iPhone X green light issue has cropped up in the United States, but other nations involved have included Canada, Poland and Australia.

No comment from Apple

Apple has so far declined to comment on the matter, but there is no doubt this will be slightly embarrassing for the consumer electronics behemoth. Nonetheless, it is absolutely usual for major device releases to meet with a few teething troubles, and hopefully the problem will be resolved for those unfortunate individuals in the near future.

It is suggested that the iPhone X green line problem emanates from an isolated defect with the new OLED display included in the smartphone. It is interesting to note that the Galaxy S7 suffered from a similar issue in 2016, when a pink line appeared on affected units. Of course, the Galaxy S7 also utilizes OLED technology, with Samsung ultimately acknowledging that the problem had been caused by a hardware failure.

With no workarounds currently available, the recommended approach for anyone encountering the green line problem is to book a Genius Bar appointment, or at least contact the Apple support team. Apples has put together a formidable consumer support infrastructure over the last few years, and is usually pretty helpful when problems are evident.

However, the iPhone X green light issue is not the only problem that the smartphone has experienced in its early days. The second issue that Apple must deal with has already been officially acknowledged by the corporation, and can perhaps be considered more serious.

Freezing when freezing

Reports have circulated which suggest that the iPhone X struggles to cope with colder temperatures, and may freeze completely when the weather itself is freezing. Apple is fully aware of this issue, and is apparently already preparing a software fix for the problem.

Apple issued a statement on the issue, indicating its belief that it will soon be resolved: “We are aware of instances where the iPhone X screen will become temporarily unresponsive to touch after a rapid change to a cold environment. After several seconds the screen will become fully responsive again. This will be addressed in an upcoming software update.”

It would be a rather unfortunate iPhone X user who encountered both the green light problem and the cold weather issue, but such an eventuality is not impossible. Apple has recommended that iOS devices should only be utilized where the ambient temperature is between 32 and 95 degree Fahrenheit, which is hardly ideal for those in colder climates.

Despite the problems that the iPhone X has encountered in its early iterations, the critical response to the smartphone has been particularly strong. Even that most fiscally focused publication, The Financial Times, concluded that the iPhone X is absolutely worth its $1,000 price tag.

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