iPhone X eBay Sellers Are Making Bank

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The much-anticipated iPhone X went up for pre-sale late last week and, as you may have predicted, some of those pre-ordered units have ended up on eBay. It was expected that there would be a lot of hype around the new iPhone and those expectations proved to be true as the available iPhone X units sold out in minutes. If you hold Apple stock then this was a great day for your portfolio. If you slept in by a couple minutes and wanted to pre-order an iPhone X then you probably found that your estimated shipping date was sometime in December – well after the November 3rd release date. Of course, there are always some iPhone X eBay sellers to help you out, right?

Sorry Piggy Bank…

If the $999 price tag on the iPhone X made you cringe then I don’t suggest you go looking to buy from iPhone X eBay sellers. Unsurprisingly, resale prices of iPhone X pre-order units have entered a territory that can only be described as, “insane.” This was to be expected with the rumors of iPhone X stock shortages and manufacturing delays in the lead up to the pre-order date. Still, nothing can prepare you for this:


Yes, that may be in Canadian Dollars but $6400 CAD is still a ton of money. And that wasn’t even the most expensive “sold” listing I could find! Some had eclipsed the $10,000 mark! iPhone X eBay sellers are building retirement funds out here.

Buyer Beware

If you have the desire to own an iPhone X and you have the funds to pay these ridiculous eBay prices then I just want to warn you before you spends thousands of dollars above retail on an iPhone X. First – none of these buyers have a unit in hand right now. NONE OF THEM! I had to put that in caps for the emphasis. You are buying someone else’s pre-ordered iPhone X on the promise that they are getting one and it will be arriving on November 3rd. That’s a lot of trust to put into a stranger on the internet.

Of course, you can go ahead and check their eBay rating. Perhaps they are a popular seller with a great history. Maybe they will even provide you with a confirmation of their pre-order and shipping date. That’s great but it still doesn’t change the fact that there could be shipping delays and other factors that prevent a perfectly honest seller from getting you an iPhone X in time. If you are thinking of being one of these iPhone X eBay buyers who quickly parts with a few thousand dollars, just be sure of the risks that may affect your purchase. Of course, I haven’t even touched on the common eBay scams out there. Do your own research before you pull the trigger on an inflated iPhone X eBay price.

Patience Will Save You Money

Would it be cool to have an iPhone X before most people can get their hands on one? Yes. Is it $6000+ cool? I’m not so sure about that. Being patient and waiting for Apple stock to catch up to demand might be a good way to save yourself a few thousand dollars. Invest that money, go on a nice vacation, put a down payment on a new car… There are literally unlimited things you can do with that saved money and all you have to do is show some patience.

Plus, let’s not forget that Apple will have some iPhone X units in stock for release day. If you missed out on pre-ordering your iPhone X you can still get one on release day. Of course, considering the online demand, you will likely have to line up outside the Apple Store well before the doors open. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see people already lining up at some Apple Store locations.

The Re-Sale Market Will Be Crazy For Awhile

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The iPhone X eBay market is going to be insane until stock catches up to demand which will almost certainly not happen until sometime in early 2018. If you wanted an iPhone X for Christmas you better hope that someone really loves you. Otherwise, you’re getting socks.

Did you manage to snag an iPhone X pre-order? Do these iPhone X eBay prices tempt you to list your new smartphone for some extra cash or are you going to keep it for yourself? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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