iPhone X Concept Reveals What The Apple 10th Anniversary Device Could Look Like

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Will the next smartphone from Apple be revolutionary in design? That’s what commentators and fans believe the companies next move should be, effectively casting off an old, and tired shell. And it appears some agree, the possible emergence of an all-new design 10th anniversary device, could be just months away. As today we can bring to your attention a set of iPhone X concept images created by the designer Martin Hajek.

iPhone X Concept

Imagine having ideas about the next iPhone and not having to skills to communicate them, such a situation would be torturous. And probably even more so if you have a creative mind, however, this is not the case for Martin Hajek. He’s a world-renowned designer, who has a track-record of creating Apple product concept renders. Some of which have been near approximations of the final products delivered by the Cupertino-based giant.

Now it has been revealed that he has created new iPhone X concept renders for the German site Computer Bild. And as you can see in the images within this article, it looks gorgeous. Fingers crossed, Apple comes close to revealing a handset with a design like this.

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Apple iPhone X Concept renders

Concept Design

So what is Hajek’s vision for this iPhone X concept? As we’ve said already it’s certainly a good looking device, something which, you would expect Apple to honor. Additionally, there’s a huge display, how big, we do not know. However, it could be at least the size of the one found on the Galaxy S8, so 5.8-inches. We know from reports that Apple has secured a huge supply of OLED panels from Samsung so it could be edge-to-edge. Meaning, that this could be a design in direct competition with the South Koreans next flagship device.

Furthermore, looking at the images, it’s clear the display has slightly rounded edges, which help it reduce bezel-sizes. However, where Hajek has drawn a non-bezel free line is at the top. Because housing for two stereo speakers and a camera lens can be seen, both with black frames.

Moving on, it seems Hajek agrees that the life of the physical Home Button has come to an end. As such it has been replaced by extra screen real estate perfect for viewing movies in an improved aspect ratio. Or even editing documents, and multitasking with several apps open at the same time. As for the button, it has been fundamentally altered, as it now appears to be embedded in the screen itself.

Apple iPhone X Concept images by Martin Hajek

What Rumors Are Saying

It’s clear from looking at the iPhone X concept renders that Hajek based some of his design elements on from rumor. However, it’s also obvious that there is not a consensus among concept designers about what Apple may deliver. Some are suggesting the iPhone 8, or X will be a clear piece of glass with the beforementioned OLED display. However, this idea has beeing widely dismissed, due to the manufacturing challenges it would represent.

As for the size of that OLED display, anywhere from 5.2-inches to 5.8-inches are among the current ranges being spoken about. With a possible Plus device being even bigger still, possibly pushing 6-inches and more. Concerning the lack of front-facing physical buttons, it’s almost agreed that Apple will swap for virtual ones. However, the talk of a stacked logic board to help free up space for a larger display and battery have not been confirmed or denied.

Hajek’s Apple iPhone Concept

While it can be said with some degree of certainty, that Apple does not endorse Hajek’s iPhone X concept design. You can be confident that someone from Apple has seen them, now that doesn’t mean they will take note. In all probability, somewhere within Apple HQ, or at Foxconn, there’s a schematic detailing that. Meaning that the design of the next iPhone has already been decided. So, what Hajek’s concepts do is, give us a glimpse of what could be, and keep the hopes of some form of innovation alive.

Images By Martin Hajek for Computer Build

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