The iPhone SE 2 Concept Looks Like Another iPhone X

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Apple’s iPhone X came out a couple of weeks ago, but some fans of Apple’s products are eagerly expecting the release of the company’s most compact iPhone, iPhone SE 2. While we wait, Concept Creator has presented his take on the iPhone SE 2 concept, and it resembles a compact version of the iPhone X, with a near bezel-less screen, and iPhone X notch.

When the iPhone X launched, everyone was impressed with its interesting and futuristic design. Also, it proved itself to work smoothly, and the web has been flooded with positive reviews and critics, which is entirely justified considering the smartphone’s hefty price-tag. However, there are still users who are fonder of a compact design, like the old iPhone 4, which then descended to the iPhone SE, which is more of a pocket-able device and doesn’t sport a huge screen.

The concept, posted by the Concept Creator on their YouTube channel, displays the wonderful device, which looks like a small version of the iPhone X with a single rear camera. Basically, the iPhone SE 2 concept looks like a mini-version of the iPhone X, but measuring 4-inches.

The smartphone seems to sport the rear made of glass, which means that the iPhone SE 2 concept suggests there will be wireless charging supported in Apple’s new smartphone. The lack of a dual-lens camera system on the rear means that the device wouldn’t be equipped with a Portrait mode that is present on this year’s flagships iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

It seems that Apple is aware that there are a lot of people using Apple’s compact iPhone. It is rumored that the company will unveil a new iPhone SE model with boosted storage. However, nothing has yet been confirmed, and we don’t know exactly what “early next year” really is.

Apple’s iPhone SE smartphone is dedicated to two different markets. Some customers are not fond of the large smartphones of 5- to 6-inches and would rather own a compact device, especially if it boasts the design of the iPhone X that came earlier this month. Another market, and arguably the vast majority of iPhone SE owners are in this category, is people who buy their smartphone based on the price, and can’t afford to have an $800-$1000 iPhone. If Apple attempted to create a smartphone, based off the concept published by Concept Creator, the company would risk losing customers who are restricted to a budget, as engineering iPhone SE 2, based on the concept would be more expensive than making the original iPhone SE.

What do you think of the iPhone SE 2 concept? Should Apple design the iPhone SE successor to look like the iPhone X and feature a nearly bezel-less design with the notch for the camera, or keep its original design which resembles older iPhones?

Make sure to check out the video below!

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